It’s pure magic – Your stars for June 2021

by ClaudiaVannini A delicious month! June arrives with a Solar Eclipse. It is the opening of doors for the Semester....
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A month of transformation – Your stars for May 2021

May, 2021 by ClaudiaVannini A month with a Lunar Eclipse. Time to look at the last semester and assess how...
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What to do if you are feeling lonely?

It’s a Friday night and it’s raining outside. The sky is getting dark and the stars a starting to sparkle....
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Monday Cure – LoveWave ESC 2016

Wooow – what a weekend! I just got home from Stockholm and I had the best time! My dear friend...
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14 facts about BURNING MAN

Every year people from around the globe travel to this magical place to participate in a mind-blowing experience called Burning...
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