The greatest astral benefit – Your stars for July 2021

by ClaudiaVannini

A month with slower movements. Several Retrograde Planets in the Solar System. Here on Earth, we feel this lethargy. Things happen, but not within the timeframe we set. We must expect delays in payments and decisions. People change their minds, go back on their word and give up on contracts. Knowing this, consider the delay as part of the process. Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Kiron are retrograde. It’s a test of patience. On the 11th, we turned our eyes to the family and home. Mercury goes to Cancer. It is the time for weddings and family reunions. Works and renovations are welcome. The greatest astral benefit comes from the Sun and Mercury. This powerful duo goes to Leo. We feel more courage after the 23rd. The collective themes return to the scene. It’s Jupiter returning to Aquarius. We have to resolve issues as a group. Nothing is individual anymore. A greater force affects us positively on the 29th. It is Mars in Virgo. Our actions are accurate. We became strategists and punctual. There are great practical results. The month starts off slowly but picks up strength and pace. The last week will be much more productive than the previous days. Keep that in mind, to use this moment in your favor. Follow the Lunar Calendar.

Let’s organize the LUNAR CALENDAR?

01st – Waning moon in Aries – collection and audit
06th – Balsamic Moon in Gemini – conducive to healing and forgiveness
09th – NEW MOON in Cancer – beginning of the Cycle
14th – Emerging Moon in Virgo – conducive to taking strength
17th – Waxing Moon in Scorpio – no guarantees
20th – Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius – conducive to persevering in a theme
23rd – FULL MOON in Aquarius – apexes
28th – Disseminating Moon in Aries – suitable for breaking patterns
31st – Waning Moon in Taurus – collection and audit

Read your Sun Sign and Ascendant. A good month everyone!

The month promises a lot of creativity to resolve the issues that were stuck. Take advantage of this cosmic force and go to the front of issues. Finances have a chance of growth. Speculate wisely and watch the bank account grow. Health strengthened after the 21st. Love in an excellent phase until the 22nd.
Best days: 3,4,5,6,7,16,17,18,24,26,31

Get ready to maintain a balance between home and work. Career shows growth. There are good gains for you but the family or the house asks for your attention. It’s a dilemma. Anything planted now will show effective results next month. Take care of mental health. Stable physical health. Love in the neutral phase.
Best days: 4,5,6,7,8,14,18,21,25,26.31

Prosperity until the 23rd. Take every minute to reach your financial goals. Use the power of communication well. Interact, improve your networking. Remember to strengthen the relationship with the family. If all is well at home, the results in the profession will flow as well. The home and work must go together. Stable health. Very active love.
Best days: 8,9,10,13,18,19,26,27,28,29

Great financial opportunities. Whether through formal work or speculation, the money comes. Take the opportunity, until the 23rd, to earn more and organize all your pending financial matters. If you dare to do some high-risk speculation, you can do very well. You are the most benefited sign this month. Excellent health. Love in a tense phase.
Best days: 1,2,9,11,12,19,21,26,28,29.30

Your intuition becomes very active. It’s time to be silent and listen to the self. If you can connect with this energy, you will have profits and success in the month. Try sharing benefits with some social work. The more you offer to the Universe, the more you will receive. Trust this Law. There is great financial growth. Excellent health. Active love after the 23rd.
Best days: 1,2,4,5,9,12,18,21,26,31

An exciting month. Finances are back to a good level. There is work and a lot of financial intuition. The money comes, but with delays. Organize your budget to receive payments between the 22nd and the 30th. Everything happens in those 8 days. The working environment experiences instability. Shield yourself. .Very active and unstable love. Weak mental health.
Best days: 1,2,8,12,17,18,20,21,26,31

The month calls for a certain seclusion. It’s time to re-evaluate your achievements and strategies. Don’t stop, but take the time to make detailed plans. Retrograde Planets do not allow you to go wild. It’s better to act less, but hit the targets. Friends can collaborate with your finances. Good health, after the 23rd. Love at an excellent time.
Best days: 5,8,9,10,14,18,19,26,28,29

Your professional life shows great progress this month. In this sector, everything is in order. The drama is in the family. You have to work, but home calls for you. Relatives, children or the house itself asks for your presence. It is a dilemma to make that choice. Finances show positive results. Physical and mental health weakened. Rest. Stable love.
Best days: 8,9,11,12,18,19,21,26,28,29

You have a very busy month. Professional life goes through good changes. It may be time to take on more responsibilities in this sector. There are contacts with other countries or you are looking for improvement. Study and reap the results. Finances in balance. Health strengthened after the 23rd. Excited love. Libido on the rise.
Best days: 7,8,9,10,13,18,22,23,25,26,31

The month promises slow movements. There is no big financial activation. This may indicate that everything is like last month. The moment is less focused on you and more dedication to others. Many benefits can come from friends and relatives. Fulfill your goals and keep your ambition active. Active love, until the 23rd. Health strengthened.
Best days: 1,2,5,8,13,21,22,23,25,26,31

Seize the opportunities! Until the 23rd, good changes appear at work. You can take on more responsibility or move to a new location. There is financial balance. Don’t do any kind of financial speculation. You can have losses. You notice slow movement. It’s the Universe. It’s not just you. Weakened health. Active love.
Best days: 5,8,9,10,14,18,19,23,24,27

Don’t trust your intuition. You can make financial mistakes. Review everything carefully. Only move money after hearing other opinions. There is an opportunity for a new job after the 23rd. Be aware that it could be something very good for your future. Love in an excellent phase. Libido on the rise. Health is excellent. Take advantage of this strength.
Best days: 1,2,8,18,21,23,26,30,21

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