Let Your Energy Flow – Your Stars for October 2021

By Claudia Vannini What a joy this month of October. Planets move directly and facilitate our actions on Earth. Between...
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Release Yourself – Your Stars For September 2021

By Claudia Vannini Did someone hit Pause on the Solar System? It seems so. September is challenging. It starts with...
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Let it flow – Your stars for August 2021

by ClaudiaVannini Are you prepared to exercise patience? That’s what August asks for. Patience, flexibility and gratitude. Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter,...
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The greatest astral benefit – Your stars for July 2021

by ClaudiaVannini A month with slower movements. Several Retrograde Planets in the Solar System. Here on Earth, we feel this...
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It’s pure magic – Your stars for June 2021

by ClaudiaVannini A delicious month! June arrives with a Solar Eclipse. It is the opening of doors for the Semester....
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A month of transformation – Your stars for May 2021

May, 2021 by ClaudiaVannini A month with a Lunar Eclipse. Time to look at the last semester and assess how...
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