Renewed spirit – Your Stars for June 2022

by ClaudiaVannini

A great month. We start under the influence of the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Aries. Lots of energy is available on Earth. Renewed spirit. Venus continues in Taurus. Excellent time for business and investments. Mercury returns to its direct motion on the 3rd. A faster pace on Planet Earth. In fact, time flies. Saturn goes into retrograde motion on the 4th. It remains so until the 23rd of October. There may be a recession in several places. Despite this, Venus and Uranus in Taurus bring good financial surprises on the 10th and 11th. Financial speculation is on the rise. Money migrates quickly between countries. Mercury enters Gemini on the 14th. Agile mind and good inspirations. The Sun enters Cancer on the 22nd. Everyone becomes more attached to the Home. The month ends with the entry of Venus in Gemini, on the 24th. Emotional relationships with a lot of intellectual synchrony. Commercial relations benefit during the month. The conflicts calm down a bit for the Planet. June is a happy month for most people.

Shall we organize the Lunar Calendar?

04th – Emerging Moon in Leo – propitious to take strength
07th – Waxing Moon in Virgo – no guarantees, persist
11th – Gibbous Moon in Scorpio – conducive to persevering in a theme
14th – FULL MOON in Sagittarius – peaks, maximum energy
18th – Disseminating Moon in Aquarius – conducive to breaking patterns
21st – Waning Moon in Pisces – gathering, auditing, finalizations
25th – Balsamic Moon in Taurus – conducive to healing, forgiveness and breakups
28th – NEW Moon in Cancer – suitable for launching business and ideas

Read Sign and Ascendant. A good month to all! Enjoy every moment of this Planetary Adventure and Be Happy on Earth.

Finances on the rise. June brings good business and a lot of work. Venus moves your earnings for 3 weeks. Enjoy it. You have a lot to do, starting on the 4th. Invest in technology and speculate if you can. Much of your earnings come from media and personal marketing. Communicate actively. There is the possibility of further studies. Immerse yourself in knowledge. If you wish, take a trip overseas. Health and love at a great time.
Good Days: 2,3,4,6,10,13,16,18,21,23,26,29,30

Finance at the top. Mars and Venus create the conditions for an increase in monthly income. Follow your work routine. Don’t invent anything new. Just stay focused. Opportunities will come. If you’re looking for a new job, stay tuned between the 10th and 11th. You have good chances. Venus collaborates with your personal image. You invest in your body and your wardrobe. Demonstrate your personal power. Health up. Love strengthened.
Good Days: 4,6,7,13,15,16,17,18,21,23,24,26,27

Finance is on the rise. The Sun and Moon bring prosperity to your month. It’s time to fill the vault. The work follows through traditional means. If you are looking for a new job, you can get it. The biggest gains are due to the good use of technology. Communicate, publicize and do your personal marketing. Despite feeling independent, bring people closer to you. Share the success. Health is great. New loves are coming.
Good Days: 1,2,3,4,9,10,12,13,19,20,21,28,29,30

Finance is on the rise. The Sun collaborates a lot with your gains. There is money coming from formal work. But luck knocks on your door. Watch out for opportunities in financial speculation and raffles. The unemployed can get work. This high monetary mood boosts your self-confidence. You invest in your personal image. Go shopping and change your look. There is spiritual growth. Love and health continue to be strengthened.
Good Days: 3,4,5,6,9,10,13,14,18,21,22,28,29

Finance is on the rise. Between the 4th and 14th, count on the help of the Planets to make quick money. Get involved with groups and organizations. Don’t isolate yourself. Build bridges and expand those profits. There is an advantage overseas. If necessary, travel and seek opportunities in other lands. New themes will come to you. Study them! They can be the channels to change your future. Love is on the rise. Extremely strong health. Enjoy!
Good Days: 4,6,7,13,16,17,21,23,24,25,26,27

Stable finances. Lots of work to be done this month. You work more than you earn. You get the basic money needed. It’s a plantation. Soon, all this effort will turn into profits on Earth. Go ahead with your plans. Bring new people into your projects. Your success is tied to others. Don’t isolate yourself in projects. After the 10th, you move money in a new way. Stay tuned. Stable health. Love and libido are on the rise.
Good Days: 3,4,6,7,9,10,12,13,16,17,21,26,27

Stable finances. The month brings great moments for your money and fluctuations from Pluto. Knowing this, organize the budget and count on the support of Venus. Do not accept delays. Invest in persuasion and the money will come. Work on self-confidence. Focus on work and leave home for later. Long trips may arise. Love surprises. There are sudden and very daring courtships. Health strengthened.
Good Days: 1,2,3,4,7,9,11,12,13,16,18,28,29,30

Finance is in a good moment. Mars and Jupiter drive the money that comes from daily work. No miracles in financial speculation. You gain a lot if you follow an organized routine. Just work. If you are looking for a new job, there are opportunities. Always within your vocation and knowledge. Health improves every day of the month. Love remains unstable. Singles experience eroticism in the last week of the month.
Good Days: 4,5,6,7,9,10,13,14,18,21,25,28,29

Finances are on the rise. Saturn collaborates with your gains. Work and earn it. There is success in financial speculation, especially between the 14th and 16th. Don’t do anything alone. Include friends and partners in this financial success. Look for a change in bad habits. Change your diet, try to exercise and meditate. Unstable health. Love with many possibilities. Excellent for singles.
Good Days: 2,3,4,6,7,15,16,17,18,21,26,29,30

Finances in a good moment. June brings a lot of work and money as a reward. There is an opportunity for a new job. Those who are looking for a new opportunity are very lucky. Those who are employed can work overtime and earn more. If you want to bring a baby to Earth, this is the fertile month. If you don’t want to, redouble prevention. Libido on the rise. Extremely strong health.
Good Days: 4,6,7,9,10,13,15,16,18,21,23,24,26

Finances are not strengthened this month. Money appears only after the 21st. Knowing this, organize your budget. Look for a plan B to make more money. Extra work is fine. Even your mood improves in the last ten days of June. Try to have fun with the little pleasures that Earth has to offer. Avoid melancholy and don’t complain. Strengthened health and love in a new phase. Singles have good news ahead.
Good Days: 2,3,4,7,11,12,13,16,20,21,25,29,30

Finances are on the rise. Mars and Jupiter give your earnings a boost. Enjoy this moment and work with the Planets. After the 11th, money circulates with intensity. The family and the house demand attention. It’s time to solve problems at home. If necessary, do that renovation that the house has been asking for a long time. Take this moment to forgive the ancestors. If you have tax debts, the month provides the payment. Fragile health and strengthened love.
GOOD DAYS: 1,2,3,4,11,13,14,19,21,28,29,30

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