A month of transformation – Your stars for May 2021

May, 2021 by ClaudiaVannini

A month with a Lunar Eclipse. Time to look at the last semester and assess how it went. After this assessment, choices must be made. Since Pluto is already retrograde, the past seems present. A greater effort is needed to see the future. Then, Saturn retrogrades between May 23rd and October 10th.

The Planet is divided into groups. Opinions are defended with great ferocity. We can forget that we are a unique group. Law and justice move slowly. They do not keep up with the needs of the moment. This lethargy creates an even greater division of social groups. After the pandemic, planetary evolution becomes urgent. Either we see that the decisions must be made together, or we die. It is a forced evolution. At the end of the month, Mercury retrogrades between  May 29th and June 22nd. Update your antivirus, save files and change passwords. There is an invasion of information systems. Prepare to replace electronic, electrical equipment and maintain engines. Avoid elective surgery. Make sure that your messages reach their destination and are understood in full. Don’t send messages. Check your reservations and maintain clear and effective communication. It is a month of transformation for everyone. Take the opportunity that this Eclipse brings. Know which theme your SIGN will have to rethink. Eclipses affect us for 6 months. Read below Sun Sign and Ascendant. Good ECLIPSE!

Let’s organize our LUNAR CALENDAR?
03rd – Waning Moon in Aquarius – gathering and auditing
08th – Balsamic Moon in Aries – suitable for healing and forgiveness
11th – NEW MOON in TAURUS – beginning of a new Cycle
16th – Emerging Moon in Cancer – conducive to taking strength
19th – Waxing Moon in Leo – no guarantees
23rd – Gibbous Moon in Libra – suitable for persevering on a theme
31st – Disseminating Moon in Aquarius – conducive to breaking standards

This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 9th House. You can move to other countries or cities. You can study new things, specialize in your field or change subject. It is also a good time for the study of Philosophy and spirituality. There is greater prosperity until the 21st. Do everything until that date. After that just manage what you have achieved. Excellent love. Singles have surprising encounters when they are studying. Health in a good moment.
Good days: 1,2,4,10,11,15,22,23,28,29,30

This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 8th House, your power can be questioned. Something can be taken from you. Knowing this, use that personal power well. Share knowledge and opportunities. Open the door for others. Create conditions for many to walk with you. The month brings problems with cars, electronic equipment and engines in general. Drive with more attention. Stable health and love on the rise. There are surprising gains after the 21st. Good days: 1,2,4,10,14,15,22,24,28,29,31

This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 7th House. Time to plan a wedding or remake your vows. Marriage is an important topic in the next semester. If you have business partners, you can review all contracts. New members arrive, others leave. Singles want love. It is an evident goal going forward. There is success in professional life. It is a month full of good financial opportunities. Get ready to replace some electronics. Health is unstable.
Good days: 1,2,5,6,10,14,15,16,22,24,30

This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 6th House. Vocation and routine undergo changes. You eliminate that which no longer suits you. It’s time to make new choices for your semester. New habits, physical exercises, healthy eating. There are no changes in finances. Excellent month to resolve legal issues or settle debts. Love in a tense phase. Health calls for detoxification. Rest and use holistic and natural therapies.
Good days: 1,2,5,6,7,9,11,15,22,24,30

This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 5th House. Creativity goes through changes. Your projects can be abandoned or turned into something better. Let that energy of creation flow. Children are an important topic. Pay special attention to them. There are financial advantages until the 29th. Organize your money because next month there is a reduction in your finances. Health is improving every day. You feel the physical energy returning. Continue to value rest. Stable love. Fast dating.
Good days: 1,2,4,10,13,20,21,22,24,31

This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 4th House. You make a change of location or renovate the entire house. You can reinvent the relationship with your relatives. The family sector is reviewed. Your career is also prosperous. There is business in other locations. Include a business travel plan. Problems with electronics, engines and friends. There are disagreements in the social group in which you participate. Neutral love. Stable health.
Good days: 1,2,4,14,15,22,23,24,30,31

This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 3th House. It’s time to study more about social or business communication. Your studies are undergoing changes. You realize that communicating requires emotional intelligence. You dive into this theme, and therefore, you are successful. Engines, cars and electronics break down. Drive carefully. Bosses fall, companies close. Be ready to accept a new job. Weak health. Include a meditation to contain stress. Stable love. Good days: 1,2,4,10,15,16,21,22,29,30

Luck in finance and good results in financial speculation. Jupiter brings unexpected money. This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 2th House. Money, budget and finances go through a review. You cut your expenses and organize the next semester. Romance on the rise all month. Libido activated. Great desire to study the Universe and its mysteries. Changes in faith or in the place where you profess your beliefs. Strengthened health after the 21st. Good days: 1,2,4,10,11,15,18,22,26,27,30

This LUNAR ECLIPSE happens in your sign. You have an opportunity for big changes. Changes in work, self and new choices for the next semester. It’s time for definitions. Start the changes with simple habits. Diet and exercise routine. Enlist the help of relatives and friends. In this intimate discovery movement, you can get in the way of finances. Financial advantages after the 21st. Health strengthened until the 21st.
Good days: 1,2,4,13,20,22,23,28,29,31

This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 12th House. It’s time to dive into the past. Time to reevaluate your memories and seek healing. You can use the experiences of the last semester to create a new moment. You may have insights that come from Akashic memory. Great alerts come during meditation. Propitious stage for psychological monitoring. There is a new job after the 20th. Keep an eye out. It can be very good. Tense love. Stable health.
Good days: 1,2,3,4,10,13,20,24,28,29,30

This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 11th House. Time to change social groups. Some friends deepen the relationship of trust. Others, go away. You enter new companies or create links that are more appropriate to your moment. Bosses can fall and your team can undergo major changes. There may be a new job. There are good financial opportunities for you. Stay tuned! Lots of excitement in the affective life. You’ll have plenty of lovers. Weak health. Good days: 2,4,5,6,14,15,16,24,25,29

Major changes in professional life. This LUNAR ECLIPSE moves your 10th House. You reevaluate your achievements and plan for the next semester. It may be a new job or a course that will change your future. There are no dramas in financial life, so it’s a positive change. The workplace is under tension. Heads or figures of authority may fall. Health strengthened until the 21st. Include some relaxation time. Neutral love.
Good days: 4,5,9,14,15,16,24,25,26,27

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