14 facts about BURNING MAN

Every year people from around the globe travel to this magical place to participate in a mind-blowing experience called Burning Man. I’m gonna be honest with you guys… it’s almost impossible to put this happening in to words, but I’ll try my best to give you a little view into “The Burn”…
1. When you finally arrive after a long ride at the Burning Man gate and you are a Burning Man virgin the greeter hugs you and says “welcome home” (By the way, I immediatley started to cry at this moment.). After that, you have to hit the gong and yell “I am no longer a virgin!”
2. If you meet a person on the so called “Playa” (The Playa is the whole Burning Man area) you don’t introduce yourself with a random handshake. You hug each other with an honest hug. Not this awkward act-like-a-hug-but-actually-uncomfortable-hug. This is such a wonderful experience, because you get so many honest hugs that you actually feel the love. The people want to embrace you as a beautiful human being you are. Sometimes a person bumps into you without saying a word. They then hug you and go on, it’s an individual extraordinary journey.
3. No, the burn is not just about being naked, doing drugs, orgies and parties for one week in the desert. I’m not saying you can’t have it all, but this is just not the core of the burn. It’s about exploring and expressing while meeting people you normally would not. It’s about feeling, giving love and sharing special moments you can’t have anywhere else.
4. You will see the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises – EVER!
5. You will (finally) lose every sense of time. I’ve never felt that free.
6. You NEED to have neon lights for the night. Lights on your bike, on your body, in you hair – wherever you want. It gets very dark in the desert at night, and you don’t want to get hit by a bike or art car.  Because of these neon lights batteries get an impressive value boost.
7. Baby wipes. Take your baby wipes always with you. You will need them. Often.
8. If you are planning to go there be prepare to get dirty. Immediately. You are in the desert and this place is loaded with sand and dust and it gets everywhere. Literaally everywhere. Don’t fight it – you can’t do anything about it. On day one it may be kind of irritating but with every day passing by you will enjoy and actually miss it when you are back home. And the good thing about the dust is – you actually don’t sweat as usual. I mean you will sweat because you are in the hot desert, but the dust has a drying effect on you body.
9. There is sooo much to see! When you enter the Playa for the first time, you eyes will stuck everywhere and your jar will drop several times. You will see the most creative costumes, mind blowing art and art cars, hear the finest music, and experience the coolest camps. It’s nearly impossible to digest all of the impressions and in the end you’ll probably forget more than half of it – because it’s just too much.
10. It’s the most magical place I’ve ever been to. You see people from every nation and age living in peace, sharing love, food, laughs, music and art.
11. If needed – you can talk to God… in a phone cell.
12. There is a chapel where you can get married.
13. The burn is what you’ll make of it. Leave your worries at the gate, feel free and let go. It’s all up to you.
14. Every Saturday they burn the Man. It’s a wonderful, sad and emotional moment, all at the same time.

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