Monday Cure – Magnets

We tend to get stuck at things we need to or should do. Sometimes we are more likely to forget how to go with the flow. Last week I sat on the bus and I was listening to some music.
Then this certain phrase came up that says – “Let’s embrace the point of no return.”
That really got me. Why? I asked myself “When was the last time you embraced the point of no return?”. My answer was a deep breath and last sundays pictures running through my head. I saw myself on the Panorama Bar/Berghain dancefloor having the time of my life. I just went with the flow and created moments that I will always remember.
But why is it so rare that we build situations of crossing broders and feeling free? When it comes to this – no matter if it’s right or wrong – you feel this overwhelming energy running through your body. This energy is a reminder. Know that you’ve got so much power in your mind and in your ability to initiate. You only need to be aware of it and set it free.

Disclosure – Magnets (SG Lewis Remix)

credits: YouTube, Disclosure

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