Opportunity for transmutation – Your stars for February 2018

FEBRUARY, 2018 by ClaudiaVannini

A second opportunity for transformation. The year has barely begun and we are already facing the Second Eclipse.

On February 15th, 2018 we live the SOLAR ECLIPSE in Aquarius. It is the moment when the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth. Instead of reflecting its light, the Moon throws us into the shadows. It is precisely in this shadow that we can perceive the subtleties. There will be 5 Eclipses in 2018. Opportunity for transmutation for all. We count on all the Planets in Direct Movement. A rare event! It is the Cosmos acting in a progressive way. On the 11th, Venus goes to Pisces. Relationships become delicate and profound. A lot of things happen unconsciously, but not with less force. On the 18th, the Water Element predominates. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Kiron and Neptune remain in Pisces until March 5th. A stage full of nuances, delicacies and details. A time when strength has little power. Subjectivity and transcendence are the great tools for such a sensory Cycle.


The phases of the Moon are
– Waning on Scorpio, February 7th
– New in Aquarius, February 15th
– Waxing in Gemini, February 23rd
Good Eclipse SOLAR to all!


The Eclipse activates your social group. New social platforms will be in your month. Friendships go through severe crisis. The eclipsed Sun, on the 15th, begs for speculation. Avoid them. The abundance of the month, for you, comes by Venus in Pisces. On the 11th, Venus widens your earnings and you realize the best paths for you to take. It is pure intuition, but you can trust that your Self will find the money. For relationships to occur continuously, you need technology. Protect your equipment with backup and antivirus. Be connected to the Web all month. Good health
Love with good opportunities


Professional life is the theme of February. The Eclipse on the 15th blocks the sun’s brightness. In the shadows, you have to find what makes your career work. Hold on! It is an opportunity to understand what can be improved. Your family asks for special care during Eclipse. After the 18th, the month is back to rhythm. Even so, save money since the 1st. Mercury, planet that organizes your finances, receives several pressures and delays can occur in the payments. Thankfully Venus acts to maintain status and natural brightness.
Good health
Love with good opportunities


Mercury, your regent, will be pressed in February. This indicates a general transformation. A great opportunity to organize life. The month promises turbulent expansion. There is prosperity and spirit to seek new places. You may be interested in a topic, study it hard, or choose a destination to study a language. Travel should be avoided during the Eclipse, but the call will be stronger than any advice. Traveling is part of your month, even for professional reasons. After the 18th, get ready for professional growth. The Sun will bring Light to your career.
Good health
Unstable love with arguments from Mars


Sharing power is the theme that challenges your month. Eclipse calls for this reflection. Something must die, in a partnership or relationship, for the new to settle. Let go of what is worn out in your life. The sun, the ruler of your money, passes through the shadows. This indicates a great opportunity to reorganize the budget, assess the gains and transform the Finance sector. There is no shortage of money in February. Perhaps, planning for the semester is lacking. Mercury will be pressed. For you, it’s a test of faith. Another opportunity to rethink your connection to the Divine.
Good health
Love in a good time


The Planets are forcing change. Last month, the Lunar Eclipse was in your sign. In February, Solar Eclipse affects partnerships, relationships, and marriage. It is natural that you seek a solid marriage, break a relationship that does not work or break a business partnership agreement. Partners are under astral pressure. In addition, the eclipsed Sun shows the shadows of your ruler. You recognize how you shows yourself to society. It is in the shade that you can see better. Hence a general change. Change of look and a true body transformation. Reevaluate your budget. Unstable health until the 17th.
Love in serious crisis.


Your career is undergoing major transformation this month. Eclipse in the 15th, moves the work and your daily life. Shutting down a job may be the start of a new phase. Mercury is pressed by the Eclipse and it’s your ruler. It’s natural that you have to be reborn in that period. New choices and awareness of who you are. There will be no time for reflection. The financial demands will make you transmute the past and activate the new actions. Only at the end of the month will you realize how much everything has changed. Venus keeps finances stable. Family in crisis.
Unstable health
Excellent love


The Eclipse of the 15th activates your creativity and the conviviality with the children. At this stage, children have great power over you. Spend time with them. Enjoy the good moment to create new ways to solve your issues. Some situations do not change, but you find a new way of looking at them. Get ready to deal with friends.These relationships are not clear. It is the sun living its days of shadow. Your electronics need attention, back up your files. Avoid travel and do not take risks. Pluto collaborates with your prosperity this month.
Excellent health
Love in excellent moment for married and single


Your home will be shaken by the Eclipse. It’s a new phase with the family. A change of residence is welcome, but renovations may be the better option. Jupiter is pressed on the 15th and it is time to hit the finances. Reorganize your spending and prepare for late payments. Mercury also feels the effects of the sun eclipsed and its health is vulnerable. It is an impact on your pace of work and life. Respect your physical body and work more on your mental power. This month, you can move forces with the organization of thought. Meditate and transcend.
Unstable health
Love without major disturbances


The Solar Eclipse stirs up your communication and fellowship with fraternal beings. Get ready for a challenging month. Professional life passes through the impacts of Mercury near the Eclipse. There is so much prosperity with Jupiter pressed. Preserve your physical integrity. Avoid great travel and drive carefully. Protect your electronic equipment and keep in mind that it is a phase. Your Home is your rest. Family and home are important. Working hard at home and getting the service ready for the office is a great solution. If you can, set up your home office.
Good health
Completely unstable love

Prosperity is your name! February brings you great opportunities because the Eclipse moves your money. Whether by work or by speculation, you will have a substantial increase in equity. It is interesting that, in this phase of growth, you will be more connected to family and Home. There are good opportunities to start a project or expand what already exists. Use all your strength on Waxing Moon between February 23rd and March 1st. Just avoid acting on the day of the Solar Eclipse. Despite so much energy, take good care of your physical integrity. There is a risk of accidents and injuries. Do not participate in discussions.
Unstable health
Love with little activation for married and single

Eclipse occurs in your sign. That means you will become who you want to be. The month is prosperous and there is good news coming. You are called to do new jobs and you feel empowered. The pace of life will be imposed by you, since the Sun works directly on your abilities. Mercury collaborates with finances after the 18th. Jupiter blocks the walk with former colleagues. Some transformation will occur in the social group. This involves disruption to the arrival of a new group. Time to attract people similar to your new phase.
Good health all month
Love in transformation. Singles with good opportunities in a new romance.

You continue your journey as everyone around you feels the strong impacts of the month. The Eclipse affects your Spirituality, your faith and the connection with the Divine. Jupiter receives strong oppositions and your career can turn. Accept new proposals or a new way of performing your function. It may be time to start at a new location and expand your performance. With the Sun entering Pisces on February 18th, everything will be happier. Until then, a lot of patience with the people around you and good money management.
Avoid big financial moves or speculation.
Health strengthened after the 18th.
Love is unstable with the pressure that Mercury suffers on the 15th.
This is no good time for new relationships.


Image Credit: NASA

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