Givenchy – Sincerity, Digitality and Elegance

Matthew M. Williams described his design for Givenchy Fall/Winter 2021: “In many ways, this collection is about a constant tension between two worlds. It’s about finding personal meaning in difficult circumstances; it’s about sincerity in what we do rather than strategy. We wanted to bring a sense of lived reality alongside precision, elegance and extravagance in the clothing and looks. Ultimately, fashion for us is a way of being, feeling and connecting rather than a game to be played. It’s almost like monumentalising the everyday, filling it with emotion – like music you can wear.” This shows a very different perspective of thoughts under the pandemic, although lots of things have changed, Givenchy shows an attitude of being natural rather than suggesting sheer strategic commerce.

The main silhouette of the collection is in a very toned-down hue, on the other hand, the clean and neat black items company alongside the furry coats and gilets bring a unique sense of the combination of smart casual indoor-inspired outfits and warm outdoor looks. As Williams claimed, this is about the tension between two worlds, the entire collection is speaking the current circumstances with the design, and yet still keeps its initial idea of sincerity.

Here are some highlights:

Image Credit: Givenchy

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