What to do if you are feeling lonely?

It’s a Friday night and it’s raining outside. The sky is getting dark and the stars a starting to sparkle. You see the magic but you can’t feel it.

What can you do when you’re feeling lonely and you don’t want to see anyone?

Here are some practical tips to lift up your mood.

1. Ask yourself
What do you really need right now? How do you feel?
Try to feel what is going on inside your mind and your body. You don’t need an exact answer, just feel it and describe this feeling. Just accept that this feeling will be there.

2. Be thankful
Now you know a bit more about your current feeling, you’ve completed the first step. After this, there are a number of ways to start feeling better. You can meditate, write down your feelings, read a good book, see something that makes you happy, call your friends or family. Surround yourself with some pleasant thoughts, close friends, anything that gives you a warm, good feeling. Try to write down every evening three things you are happy about. If you find yourself falling back into those deep feelings, you can simply look back at this list.

2. Take action
This can be more difficult but there are a few steps you can take to make this process slightly easier. It is important to get 8 hours of sleep and when you wake, do some exercise. I can be hard, but just try to adding some pushups and situps to your daily routine. Doing this will not only lead to your body getting stronger but also your mind. It takes at least 21 days to develop a new habit. Remember, write your feelings down and you will see how much better you will feel.

3. Cut off
Cut off all the people and situations that you feel do not benefit your life anymore. Whilst it may be more difficult to do this with your co-workers understand that not everyone will like you and more often than not, people have issues with themselves and just project that onto others. But, it’s also important to self reflect on your own behaviour and how you are treating others. Often people you are surrounded with are a mirror. Do you want to be like this?

4. Love yourself
I know it sounds easy, but keep a second and breathe three times in and out and ask yourself. Do I love myself? (stop reading, and take a minute to think about this).

5. Create something
What makes you happy? You could draw, write, learn an instrument, study photography, join a sports class or garden. Try to get a better understanding of what you enjoy.

6. Say, no
If everything it’s too much, it’s ok to say no. Sometimes you may find it’s not possible to cut yourself off from negativity immediately. If that’s the case, then try to take 5 minutes just for yourself and think about something that makes you smile.

7. Listen to some music
The power of music can have a huge impact on your mood. Listening to your favorite songs and artist can be incredibly uplifting. Enjoy this and remain present in this moment. Enjoy all the big or small things that have happened and will happen in your life.

8. Make some plans and DO IT!
What do you really want in life? It’s a hard question, but what comes to your mind first? From time to time our goals are changing but that’s perfectly normal, so try to focus on what feels right in that moment. We are all in the process of developing. Sometimes a goal can be good, but what happens if you are succeeding in your goals? Are you still happy? If you are a master in one class, you have to start as a junior in another. But did you ask yourself what’s your overarching purpose in life? This is an important question, so there is nothing wrong with taking your time to answer it. Once you have found your answer, take action and just by doing a little bit every day, you will see how quickly you will start moving in the right direction.

Enjoy your journey.

*these are some inspiration thoughts to help you to feel better but, you may find this your thoughts and feelings may not improve. If that’s the case, there is nothing wrong with going to close friends and family for help. You are important, take care of yourself.

Image Credit: Modern Culture Of Tomorrow

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