Unique time for love – Your stars for August 2019

August 2019 by ClaudiaVannini
A dynamic month. We start with a New Moon in Leo. The New Moon of August 1st is more than special. It is the moon that marks the energy of command, action, courage and leadership. An excellent day for business and investment. Another New Moon arrives on August 30th. New Moon in Virgo. Two special moons. Two moments that represent abundance on Earth.
A great relief comes the same day, August 1st.
Mercury returns to it’s direct motion. Communication is full again. Equipment and cars are back in operation. Hacker attacks are over. On August 11th, Jupiter’s movement returns. There is profit in investments and business. Lawsuits move fast. The same day, Uranus goes into retrograde motion. Less surprises on the planet. Between August 1st and 18th, Venus and Mars move in Leo. A unique time for love. It is a phase of enchantment and romance. You’ll only stay single if you want to. Mark August 14th as a day of luck and profits. Sun and Venus together in Leo. It is a sign of good business and profitable speculation.
On August 18th, Mars goes to Virgo. It is the phase of inspections, audits and the inspectors gain strength. If your things are in order, you have nothing to fear. Researchers also get good results and get motivated. On August 24th, joy for weddings and closing contracts. Let’s then organize our life by the Lunar Cycle:
New Moon – August 1st – Plant your seeds, launch projects
Waxing Moon – August 07th – Remove Seeds that didn’t grow
Full Moon – August 15th – Share Your Results, Live Abundance
Waning Moon – August 23rd – Share Results and Reassess the Cycle
New Moon – August 30th – Replant Your Seeds
A bountiful and dynamic month for most Signs. Enjoy this vibration of leadership and precision. It is time to move the economic sectors of the planet. We wish a good month for everyone!
Money comes in new ways. August promises good surprises, speculation, luck or money that comes through the children. Be sure to participate in bingo and lottery. There is work and good opportunities. Take it easy and repeat the activities. Avoid changing the routine and work on persistence. Stay firm in purpose and flexible with others. There is a tendency to become perfectionist and obstruct one’s growth. Include moments of leisure and see life lightly. Stable health and love at a great time.
A month to take care of emotions. You are always ready for work, but August calls for a new stance. It is your moment of recollection. Take care of your soul’s feelings and pains and clean up the past. The month guarantees money circulating, so look at what is needed. Your home needs you or you are more dependent on the home. Accept this voluntary seclusion. It is vital for recharging energies for the upcoming battles. Share family obligations. Unstable health and stable love.
August moves the industry you like best: communication. With Mercury giving support, invest in a straightforward speech. Talking or writing, success is guaranteed. There is a good return on retail. Get around and get money through good social contacts. The month has plenty. It is natural for some new theme to appear in your life. Embrace this challenge and study. August ensures fast and deep learning. Your home calls for more attention, so save a few hours for the family. Excellent health and active love.
August brings a lot of work and good financial return. This month, work harder in the marketing industry. Talk, publicize, sell your buisness. Good communication is a priority to generate good business and more contracts for the future. You start planting now the money that will come until the end of the year. Do not stagnate, thinking that everything is settled. Stay alert and don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen networking. Study something new or perfect your talents. Balanced health and love in difficult phase.
Your finances expand in August. This is the best time of your year. Mars, Venus, Sunl, Jupiter and Mercury collaborate with this sector. Enjoy every second and put your plans to work. No dream or delirium. It is time for execution. Energy is not lacking. You can work from sunday to sunday and still feel good. The 21st is a lucky day. Abuse a bit in games and speculation. If a business trip comes up, go. This is no time for leisure and parties. Excellent health and very complicated love.
Get help from Mars for a busy August. The Planet of War brings vital energy and you soon realize something has changed. Returns the will to fight and to open new perspectives. Take practical action, especially on the 18th. Abuse a little of luck and speculation. There are profits for you. You are back in charge of your life. Rearrange your career plan. Decreases your dependence on others. Mercury brings happy holidays and new encounters. Excellent health and unstable love.
Pluto has mistreated your finances, but August shows improvement. Observe your conduct, as the month calls for a new way of acting. Act more firmly and less idealistically. It is a moment that calls for attitudes on the material plane. Do it, shake it up, take initiative and modify the workplace. Think less and act more. That is the secret to dealing with August. There is work in faraway places, consider whether you can afford a longer trip. Big money between 23rd and 31st. Excellent health and stable love.
A tighter calendar for you. Instead of 31 days, August offers 21 days of work and good opportunities. Sun, Jupiter and Venus collaborate until the 21st. This is your maximum energy phase for the working life. Mars brings too much work. After the 22nd, reduce activities a bit. Even if you insist on keeping a normal schedule, there will be no profits at the end of the month. Money begins to circulate abundantly after the 11th. Attention to the heart and abdomen. Neutral love.
Nobody holds you back! August brings the warrior force of Mars and the expansion of Jupiter. With support from these 2 Planets, you break and smash into the professional life. It’s time for growth and new opportunities. If you stay in the same job, it is time to show your full potential. Money returns and there is interest in travel and study. Think about whether this is the best time to leave because your presence is critical at work. Health calls for attention to the gut, heart, and feet. Love at a great moment.
You shine in the profession! It’s time to grow your career, change jobs, or embrace more jobs. Uranus collaborates with this positive period. Even if you are successful, avoid large expenses. There is not so much abundance in August. Focus your energy on performing the proposed tasks and the money will come. This is no time to devote to the family or home. It’s time for hard work. Some bigger trip crosses your path. Consider whether you can afford this expense. Attention with gut and heart. Excellent love.
August calls for a new way of dealing with situations. Instead of approaching the themes by intelligence and innovative thinking, try acting with material actions. Make it happen. Uranus collaborates with you when you get a little out of your mind and start acting. This is the way out of dealing with some occupational obstacles. This is not a good month for finances, so moderate your spending and all will be well. Personal relationships gain strength. Special care with the heart and intestines. Love in excellent phase.
You gain strength in your professional life. August promises, with Jupiter’s support, good opportunities after the 11th. It could be a new job or a new opportunity wherever you work. Money stays stable. The largest movement occurs in social life. And don’t think it’s just leisure. Company events are key to your progress in August. Attend all courses, congresses, and office parties. Take good care of your stomach. Poor health after the 23rd and Love in a very busy moment.

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