There is financial growth – Your stars for September 2017

Astrological Footprint by Claudia Vannini

Do you think 2017 is over? Prepare for an astral impulse that stirs all Continents. There is financial growth, improvement in the marketing of products and space for new projects. That feeling of mental confusion and economic instability reduces day by day. Until, in the last week of September, we see the bright sun again without the nebulosities of Neptune. The return of Mercury to the direct movement, as early as the 05th, motivates the construction and the closing of contracts. What’s in the drawer since the beginning of August is put into practice. The world leaders act with greater perspicacity for the harmony of the planet. The world’s economies reestablish lost confidence. It is time for activity, because in the coming months this Cycle of prosperity should increase.


Excellent month in all aspects. Work flows. A new job may arise after the 22nd. There is also the opportunity for a partnership. Consider it carefully since work is not lacking in September. Put all your strength into creativity. Try to do something different. Fun, parties, leisure and children bring money. After 10th September, your life revolves around work and a healthy daily life. You feel happy and want to live a better life, even with a balanced diet. Health is full and cooperates with material achievements.
LOVE: Your heart also experiences intense moments. There are great chances to meet someone at work and in the environments that are part of your routine. Couples are in full sync after the 22nd.
Everything is calmer for you. Between 05th and 29th of September, luck in the finances. Mercury, your Planet of Money, moves through creativity. Everything done in a new way, with new format, new colors and surprising customers will bring prosperity. Parties, leisure, fun and children are in evidence. Put your mind to think of something that was never done. Last week, the focus is on improving your routine. It’s a joyful month, you have more fun and participate in parties. Health is going through a good time.
LOVE: A stable period for married couples. Singles find love while having fun. Go to all parties, including children’s parties. Love may be in one of these events. Outstanding opportunities from September 22nd to 25th.
Stable financial life. Nothing new happens in this sector. It is a sign of maintenance of what happened in July and August. The month revolves around Home and Family. Anyone who develops some work from home has a chance of growth. The work can be enjoyed by the people close to you. Being in harmony with family is the priority. You feel that you are always helping a relative or solving a home issue. That is the September proposal. Health is weakened. You must rest and allow life to organize some themes for you. Your personal power will return in December, 2017. Hold on!
LOVE: after the 22nd there are greater chances for affective living in places with fun or parties.
Good financial moments between the 1st and the 19th of September. Venus in Leo boosts sales and incomes. It all depends on good communication. A good Marketing project can change your month. Invest in media and be aggressive in electronic communication. It’s your strong point until the 22nd. Jobs in this industry may come to you. Media, marketing, advertising and computer professionals make great money for Cancer. After the 22nd, you get more homely and rest from the hectic pace that the month has imposed. Health is stable. On 06th and 07th of September, absorb the emotional healing sent by Kiron. Suffering from the past disappears.
LOVE: Not active in September.
Stable health all month. Get ready to work hard. September brings many Planets to the financial sector. This indicates increased work, good business, and better customers. You may not be promoted, but you will feel that you have some power. It’s the finance house that’s active. Until 09th, you can make judgments about speculation and investment. Do not make big moves to date. Uranus and Mercury leave you unpredictable. Avoid spending on superfluous things. After the 10th, you will have a clear view on these topics. Accept invitations to travel and listen to new proposals. Business can take place in other countries. Plant projects until May, 2018. This will be the month of the true harvest.
LOVE: Not active.
A month full of joys! Until the 22nd, broaden your horizons. You have the Self in evidence. Shine with confidence and have support from various planets to do things the way you want them to. Leadership stays with you. The apex of personal growth occurs between the 17th and the 22nd. You stand out in the profession. After the 22nd, the sun illuminates your finances. Money coming. Great news! After the 7th, redouble your health care. Kiron and Mars put pressure on your whole body. Rest is a strong ally, although there is no free time in September.
LOVE: Few chances for Singles. Married people go through a serious crisis and the relationship seems sad. Some couples think about separation. Fight against discouragement. Invent new things in love.
You have your eyes on the social group until the 10th. Friends, communities and collective platforms are your life. You live through these people. After the 10th, the change is strong. The Planets go to their Karmic and Divine home. There you will find answers to old and personal questions. It may seem alienated, confusing, or airy. Spiritual themes draw your attention more than material life. Money and work seem far away. Faith, spirituality and inner growth are most interesting in September. It’s a dive into the Self. Health is going through a great time.
LOVE: If you are with someone aligned with your spiritual pursuits, it will be a meeting of souls. If it is only love on the material plane, it may end in September.
You spent a lot of time thinking about the profession. That ends in September. The Planets that gave strength to the race move to the social groups. It moves your life. More friends, more interest in the community and less anxiety about results at work. Finance gets a big boost after the 22nd. Sun and Jupiter naturally move your bank account. Good news! It is natural that you look at yourself with more interest and start to value yourself again. The group is critical in September, but you put yourself in a less servile position. It is self-esteem that gets elevated. Health is stable.
LOVE: good times until the 20th. Enjoy social networks to explore the affective sector. After that, lower expectations. Couples live a stable phase.
Get ready for a professional marathon. After 05th, Mars activates your career. Every day you will feel that you have returned from the battlefield. It’s Mars, the Planet of War. This fight may be against other companies or in search of better results. One thing is certain: you are the winner in September! Finance is the result of all this madness that you live. Health can get attention. A lot of work, intense routine and little rest take your body to exhaustion. Do stretching, yoga and meditation to balance the physical body. After the 22nd, more news. New friends and business groups arrive. Welcome everyone.
LOVE: The workplace or study is active. If you travel, you can live a foreign love. Maximum sensuality!
Great opportunities for new studies and travel. Knowing another culture expands your horizons. Study hard and become a subject specialist. This is the way to improve cash inflow. You feel the result of your efforts after September 22nd. Professional success is evident until October 22nd. This indicates a promotion or a new career. Between 01st and 19th, invest all the forces to lead your work group. It is a prosperous cycle that marks your trajectory. Even as success happens, you feel fear. It’s the ghosts that haunt Saturn. Keep your mind positive, remember your results and value yourself. Health is going through a good time.
LOVE: Not active. Few opportunities warm the heart.
Difficult moment for finances. Neptune delays the entry of money. Get organized for this. Despite the financial turmoil, September brings increased power. Your personal power is moved by the Sun. You can understand this phase in the wrong way. When your 8th house is active, you must transmute energies. Reorganize your life, your career and your affections. Remove what is not part of the current moment. Donate old clothes, clean drawers and paint the walls if you feel the environment is worn out. Strengthen your professional life with greater dedication. The results will appear. After the 22nd, personal power diminishes and the desire for knowledge and new horizons increases. Take a trip or immerse yourself in studies. Good health.
LOVE: strengthened magnetism and sensuality on the rise!
Consider September a month divided into two phases. In the first, between 05th and 22nd, you have advantages in partnerships and marriage. Mars drives the formation of commercial and affective contracts. It’s a perfect time to meet influential people. These can enter your circle of relationships through friends. Between 23rd and 30th, put your strength in the race. It’s time to get a promotion or change jobs. The finances are stable, nothing surprising. The expenses increase because you go out more. They are short outings with friends. Health calls for care until the 22nd. The last week of the month is a cure.
LOVE: special month for the heart. Great for dating. It’s your time to get married. Be happy!


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