The powerful month – Your stars for July 2017

Powerful month, full of events in world politics. Rulers are tested by the position between Pluto and Jupiter. All countries try to contain public spending and raise taxes and fees. Fines are levied on businesses and citizens. Is the theme that has the greatest resistance in the world a source of energy: electricity or oil? Both will become more expensive. As a result, they become the target of financial speculation and price pressure. The change of the month is the exchange rate variation. Buying and selling currencies from several countries is profitable for those who can work with this capital until the end of September. Those in a hurry should invest in oil.


Until October, 2017 we live on Planet Earth the positive pressure of Saturn over the Node. Changes are needed in health, employment and modernization policies. The idea of ​​overthrowing Rulers will be abandoned until October, when Uranus gives world leaders the ability to take action. Italy is disrupting the economy of the European Union and Greece may once again appear in the world headlines with bank debts and scandals. The garbage collection service in Italy is again a problem. The entry of a resistant virus in Europe and Asia is the harbinger of what other countries will experience in winter. Another Influenza mutation that supplies the vaccine industry and causes panic in the population. Australia is vulnerable to natural accidents, just as radioactivity in Japan reappears in fish and scandalizes the Planet. We are under the watch of Saturn until December, 2017. The old concepts will fall by then. Evolution is late, we lost a lot of time in other decades and now everything seems to happen too fast. The clock presses Saturn to change what is needed for a new phase after January, 2018. Until then, run against the clock because the days are short and the months fly by.

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini

Much has been achieved in the previous months. Now the planets put you in a retreat situation. This moment is a preparation for the Eclipses that will come in August. Enjoy the month of July to do a review on life, desires and achievements. Career has benefits, but earning money is not your primary focus. You seek balance with family and also balance in health. If you want to make changes to improve the quality of life, this is the time. After the 22nd, this internalization process ends.
Love: You live excellent times with the help of Jupiter and Venus. Singles enjoy themselves a lot with friends and parties. Benefited during the 18th and 19th of July.

Fragile health. Throughout the month you should pay special attention to your body and rest intervals. Your career is favored and you get great financial benefits. It all begins when your courage to venture and speculate on new business is stimulated. It is not a habit in your life, but in July you will be willing to face new territories for financial recognition. Your home is in evidence. A retirement or a change of house is welcome. Harmony between relatives.
Love: There is a greater desire for fun. Married people live harmony in the relationship. Single people are willing to risk their hearts and venture out.

Moments of prosperity and luck with the help of the Moon. Pay attention to 21st  and 22nd of July. These are special days for sudden gains and speculations. Your intellectual activity is on the rise and you can see ways that others have not yet realized. Communicate this clearly and you will realize that your projects will grow even more. All this intellectual agitation generates an energetic wear and tear. Your health is weakened, but a good rest reorganizes everything. Financial achievements are starting to work.
Love: Sensuality on high with the help of Jupiter. Singles live special moments with expanded magnetism. Marriages live the constancy of Saturn.

Full health, success and good opportunities. That’s the promise to you, Cancer. Enjoy until the 22nd to win everything you need in financial terms. Your career is highlighted and people collaborate with you. Legal issues receive positive influence from Mars and some lawsuits may be to your benefit. As Mars increases your energy until the 20th, remember to avoid risks and conflicts with people close to you. Drive slow. On the 21st you experience great benefits brought by the Moon.
Love: Love goes well after the 20th. Until then, continue your activities and accept that the astral is not favorable for this sector. Maintain flexibility and avoid reactive attitudes.

Mark this month on your calendar. In the future, you will have fond memories of this phase. Your energy is on the rise and your health is full. You get what you want. It may even sound like a dream, but it’s more real than you suppose. If internal transformations were made in previous years, you can now work with your karmic and earth resources. Throughout the month you get highlighted. Make the changes you want in your life and contaminate everyone with your confidence. Money and communication are also on the rise.
Love: You shine every month and, if married, you may experience troubled times because of your partner’s jealousy. If you are single, you have a lot of charm in the conquest.

Independence and happiness throughout the month. You feel life in your hands. You look for solutions to you career and modifies what is necessary for financial growth. This individualistic behavior does not offer much time to take care of family, friends and love. People may not understand your posture, but you’ve been waiting for social growth for some time. Health is in balance. Look closely at Jupiter’s collaboration in finance between the 18th and 19th.
Love: Confused phase with little communication between partners and difficulty for singles. It’s Mercury’s fault. Sincere talk can lessen this distance.

Stagnation between the 10th and 20th. After the 21st, you will feel the beneficial effect of the Moon and the entrance of Mars into Leo. The scenery will be different and opportunities will be at your disposal. Enjoy and focus your career strength. You get lots of results through social groups and friends that help you be in the right place at the right time. The money really comes in after the 22nd. Avoid big purchases and take good care of your health. This astral oscillation mistreats your physical body, but in the end there is success.
Love: career and love mingle. If you are committed, approach your partner to your work . If you are single, look for someone who has similarities to your profession.

You put all the energy into your professional life and the quest for success. This pragmatism brings rapid results. Mars and the Sun positively influence the professional sectors. After the 20th, you feel the real results of your efforts. There is not much time to take care of the family and everyone complains about it. Your body feels the effects of continuous effort. You have been working on the limit for a year. Remember to include massages, stretching and gentle feeding. It is a remarkable month in its trajectory.
Love: Venus asks for intellectual interaction. Couples should talk more and singles should respect the steps of rapprochement through the exchange of ideas and experiences.

July is for you to be reborn from the ashes. Like the phoenix, you incinerate and are reborn. All this inner transformation creates space for the new Self that will act in the coming months. It is time to give up the attachment you have to material things: house, car, clothes and family goods. Donate what you do not use or that has been passed between generations. Transmute energies on Earth. Your career and financial life improve a lot after the 22nd. Until then, save and organize. The focus is to take time to know every newness of the new Self.
LOVE: the heart is silent. Your greatest interest is the passion for travel and new knowledge. Study something you like and wait for the right time to love.

Your health calls for special attention. With organized health you can develop all activities and grow in the profession. Jupiter collaborates a lot with your professional goals. Now is the time to materialize on the earthly plane everything that you have planned in the previous months. This growth starts in July and will grow stronger next month. Persist on what you planted. July and August finalize your changes on their own. Organize your daily life and make good networking. Home in balance.
Love: Excellent time for singles and married. Singles are interested in powerful people and married couples live the romance intensely in the last 10 days of the month.

Organize finances, as some delays can disrupt the budget. This financial sector only improves after the 22nd. There is the possibility of you joining a society or joining informally with other professionals who strengthen your career. This social trach is fundamental to breaking the financial barriers. Collaborate with others and you will see benefits coming to you unexpectedly. Stand firm on established goals and do not let melancholy disrupt your projects. Anxiety on the rise.
Love: The Sun moves relationships, new encounters for singles and even a wedding for partners. The affective relationship is based on protection and acceptance.

You continue to make money through creativity. Until the 20th, professional life depends heavily on your intuition and wit. Track spending by the 22nd. Good financial opportunities appear at the end of the month. Keep an eye on a new job or an opportunity to perform multiple roles. It’s the chance of making extra money that will be very important to balance the next month. Observe variations in mood and keep good thoughts about your abilities. Take care of your diet and health.
Love: Many opportunities with new people leave you confused and it will be difficult to keep yourself in a stable relationship. There is affective opportunity in the workplace.


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