The best month for your professional life – Your stars for September 2020

SEPTEMBER, 2020 by ClaudiaVannini

Will September be an easy month? No. We have reached the moment of greatest Planetary retrogradation. This gives a feeling that Planet Earth has stopped. Events happen, but with delays and difficulty. Knowing this, plan your schedule with an extra dose of patience. On the 9th, the great warrior, Mars joins the retrograde Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus. 60% of our Solar System goes on strike. On the 12th, the strikers are 50%. On the 29th, they drop to 40%. Imagine the Planet as a big company. Is it possible to produce, at the same pace, with 60% of the team on strike? That’s how you can handle September. Do what is necessary, but don’t expect surprising results. After September 12th, with Jupiter in direct movement, group events should start happening again. After September 29th, count on speedy court cases. With the Wisdom of the ancient peoples look at the sky and adjust to the cosmic peace. Remember that October 22nd will be an important and positive date for the end of the pandemic on the planet. Shall we set up our monthly calendar?

Full Moon in Pisces – September 2nd – phase of maximum results
Disseminating Moon conducive to breaking standards – September 6th
Waning Moon in Gemini – September 10th – harvest and audit phase
Balsamic Moon suitable for healing and forgiveness – September 13th
New Moon in Virgo – September 17th – project planting phase
Emerging Moon suitable for building strength – September 20th
Waxing Moon in Capricorn – September 23rd – nothing is guaranteed at this stage
Gibbous Moon conducive to persevere – September 28
Good month, everyone! Read SIGN and ASCENDANT.

Prepare to save energy. September is a slow month for you. There are many retrograde planets. In October you will have all the opportunities you need to develop. Until then, strengthen your financial speculation and good relations at work. Sun and Venus collaborate for some eventual gains. The month brings natural wisdom. You will see some issues from a new perspective. This will help to plan the changes that will only happen next month. Health is in a good moment. Love does not bring anything surprising. Singles get into short relationships.
Good days: 4,5,14,15,22,23

You have advantages this month. In addition to being able to change jobs, you have extra earnings. These earnings can come from two jobs or overtime. Enjoy this moment. It is the chance for financial recovery. Health collaborates and you keep up to all activities. In the rush, which is September, remember to take care of your emotions. Love does not change. If you want any romantic change, you will have to wait for the planets to move forward next month. There, the romance news will come.
Good days: 6,7,8,16,17,24,25

You feel strongly the retrogradation of the Planets. At this point, the ideal is to let yourself go with the flow. Don’t fight the Universe. Manage your routine wisely. Consider each day as a new adventure. If things don’t go as you plan, blame the Planets and move on. Put all your strength into the week of the New Moon. It’s your chance for progress in the month. The electronics fail. Back up everything. Friends can betray you. Keep an eye on them! Strengthened health and stable love.
Good days: 09,10,18,19,26,27

You renew your strength after the 13th. Jupiter collaborates with your routine. You can start a new job. Even with the planet in crisis, there are open positions. Focus your efforts on the second half of the month. Before that, all energy must be conserved. Your health is very fragile in September. Pay attention to this alert and do not overwhelm your emotions. The body can complain about psychosomatic issues. Love does not undergo changes. Get involved in philanthropy.
Good days: 6,7,14,15,16,17,24,25,26

You have new opportunities this month. A new job can renew your hope of success. But be careful! With the retrograde Planets, something promised can be delayed. Make changes only after confirming all details. In the search for something new, you can be left with nothing. Invest in good communication. Be the seller of your potential. Speak, explain, communicate. Health is strengthened. Love walks slowly, without great leaps. Singles remain as they are.
Good days: 4,5,14,15,22,23

You are the most benefited sign this month. There are professional opportunities. If you want a new job, you can search for it. You show yourself stronger and contaminate everyone with this positive energy. You feel beautiful and powerful. Finances improve a lot after the 22nd. Focus your strength on the last week of the month. The Universe conspires in your favor and health goes through an excellent phase. Love does not change, but you are not so interested. Your theme is money and it is availability. Good days: 6,7,8,16,17,24,25

September is the perfect month for keeping to yourself. While many take to the streets and return to activities, you shut yourself off in thoughts. The retrograde Planets force this strategic stop. Study something new and make plans for your return. Pay attention to the body and your look. Stable finances. Love can stagnate. Only in the next month will the emotional relationship show clarity. New dating can also seem stale. Don’t force anything. Health is good and improves after the 22nd.
Good days: 9,10,18,19,26,27

You feel strongly the retrogradation of the Planets. There is not much to be transformed this month. It is an exercise in patience. Try to fulfill your obligations, but don’t improvise. Do only what has been agreed and everything will be fine. After the 22nd, you will have the opportunity to change important topics. The whole force of the month is concentrated on emotional life. You are very dedicated to love and feel rewarded. Health goes through a strengthened phase. Include a philanthropic activity in your life. Good days: 1,2,3,11,20,21,29,30

You are an exception among the signs. While many feel the Planets retrograde, you keep moving. Embrace the new and get ready to study new subjects. Control finances because money only materializes after the 13th. Until then, a lot of discipline. On the 29th, another successful phase begins. Count on these good dates because you suffered a lot last month. Celebrate! Health requires some care. Remember to rest. The romance is abundant and full of intellectual attunement.
Good days: 4,5,14,15,22,23

September is the best month for your professional life. Concentrate your strength on this topic, especially after the 22nd. If you want a new occupation, keep looking. This is not the time to raise your salary, but you are highlighted in your industry. There are also opportunities in Love. Notice how, in the week of the New Moon, everything improves in terms of affection. Singles have a good chance of finding a solid partnership there. Stable health, showing improvement after the 22nd. Good days: 6,7,8,16,17,24,25

Get organized for restricted finances in September. There is no planetary support for profits and speculation. You have to be wise to place your budget within strict rules. After the 22nd, you start generating money again. Expand your social group and strengthen professional contacts. Much will come from this social support. Use your free time to study new topics. Specialize! Love is in an excellent phase. Dedicate yourself to this theme, as there is a chance of a stable union for your sign. Very good health.
Good days: 09,10,1819,26,27

Rebuild your strength. September calls for patience and organization. There is no support from the Planets for major changes. If you were planning a turn in life, prepare the whole structure for the month of November. Until then, organized budget and time to study. Dive into a new theme, hone your skills. After the 22nd, a bigger movement in your routine begins. Health is weakened. Improve your immunity. Love does not undergo changes. If you are married, you have to support your partner.
Good days: 1,2,3,11,20,21,29,30

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