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February, 2019 by ClaudiaVannini
Not a single planet in a retrograde movement for 28 days. Get ready for a fast period. There are no planetary impediments. Here on Earth, days fly and we barely keep up with the news. It’s a new headline every day! If you decide to follow all the events of the Planet, you will not live during February. The month calls for special attention to personal goals. After 2 Eclipses and a busy start to the year, we moved on to individual work. Until the 18th, take care of personal projects and financial matters. Do not be ashamed to put your goal first. It is necessary at this time.
The New Moon allows this solitary gaze. Have the courage to change strategies. Revolutionize your methods. Mark the 13th in your calendar. It’s a day of great change. It can be personal or planetary change. Uranus and Mars together in Aries. Something bigger is to be expected. It is the energy of the revolution coupled with the energy of war. Moderate your actions. This force, if well used, can transform the Planet. Also, mark the 14th as a special day for #investments and business. Mars enters Taurus and you become a warrior when the theme is money. Go search! If the theme is relationships, enjoy February 18th and 19th. Saturn brings a solid foundation to define the romantic life. Also on the 19th, big decisions with the SUPER Full Moon. What you sowed on the 4th is shown in full format. The changes are settled and nothing will be as before. The entire New Moon process in Aquarius proves to be irreversible. Enjoy and change the energies. This is what you are on Earth for! Good month to all!
Follow the Moons of this month:
February 4th – New Moon in Aquarius
Feb 12th – Waxing Moon in Taurus
Feb 19th – SUPER MOON Full on Virgin
‘Feb 26th – Waning Moon in Sagittarius
You are the most prosperous sign in February. Mars works with you and creates good opportunities. It could be a new job or an increase in earnings. It is a phase of growth and abundance. Your energy is increased. Venus also collaborates. With this, love flows. Make a presence in professional events and congresses. In this environment, there is a great chance of finding a romantic partnership. There is no lack of romance at this time. Good health after the 10th.
There is money for you. Until the 10th, keen insight into good business. Formal work brings good results. After the 10th, speculation catches your eye. It is Mercury, creating an appetite for profits. Beware only of Uranus, which can bring sudden losses. After the 19th, full health. Beware of minor accidents that can disrupt your life. Technology is part of the month’s expenses. Love is great and singles have a good partnership.
Professional life is on the rise. February is just the beginning of a good phase. Concentrate all your energy between the 10th and 19th. There is a new job or a new position with financial improvement. It is Mercury acting with the Sun. Love also follows this calendar. Until the 19th, Jupiter improves your relationships. The affections are organized and happy. After the 19th, much effort to understand your partner. Patience is the way. Good health until the 19th. After that, rest.
Enjoy the movement of the sun and make it happen. February promises money coming from other regions. Get ready to trade with distant locations. After the 19th, this energy gets even stronger. There is money circulating. Venus and Saturn bring good winds to the romantic life. If you want a serious relationship, stay tuned. Check attendance at events, fairs and lectures. It is in this environment that love takes place. Health is good and spiritual life is strengthened.
Mercury pushes you forward. It drives partnerships and relationships. It is the right month to find professional partners aligned with your purposes. Money also circulates. Do not waste it. Arrange for the money to really show up. Mars activates work life after the 14th. Get ready to work long after that date. Love lives turbulence. Do not act directly on this topic. Couples can confront each other. Let life go on. Stable health.
Venus, after the 3rd, modifies your finances. You control all fees and look at your investments closely. Of course, your money grows. It’s a great month to earn serious and organized money. There is profit in speculation, but hard work can bring more gains. Love is pure happiness. The Sun brings pure and true love. The meeting of Souls. Go deep into a Philosophy and your partner will be there. Fragile health after the 19th. Try to de-stress.
Your professional life goes through a lukewarm period. There are no planets working in this sector in February. You have a short period of professional growth between the 19th and 24th. It all depends on the Super Moon for a new job or a better job. Home and family absorb all the time you have. Work done in the home office gives better results. Being at home and looking after your people is the theme of February. Love is ina good moment. Good health after the 19th.
You live two distinct phases in February. Until the 19th, good results in business and finance. Money circulates easily. After that, you have to work harder or the month will show debits. Health also changes with the calendar. Until the 19th, weakness and small problems. Nothing severe! After the 19th, full energy. Control your mood after the 14th. Relationships are influenced by Mars. You can get aggressive. Take it easy in love.
The finances are not prosperous. Know that, organize yourself to reduce expenses. Avoid radical changes at work and control your mood. Jupiter can make your mood sour. Being in a sour mood doesn’t match your profile, try to react. Love progresses until the 10th. It is Mercury, who collaborates with you and tunes the minds of lovers. After that, confusion and cloudiness in the affective relationship. Recharge your energy in the home. Work more from the home office. Good health until the 19th.
Sun and Mercury energize finances until February 19th. Take advantage of this period and move in search of opportunities. Solve financial matters and remove debts. Mark the 18th on your calendar. It is a special day for a promotion or new job. Love passes through stability. Social life has been animated since the 3rd. It is Venus, who moves your personal relationships and brings joy to combat seriousness. Health improves after the 14th.
Mercury and Sun stir your life. Finance receives astral support. You have a new job opportunity or increased earnings. There is good income in financial speculation. Stay tuned for opportunities. Friends bring business suggestion. Do not ignore the tips. Love goes through happy moments. If you want to get married, speed up the plans. It’s a good time to move homes or cities. Redoubled care with accidents. Act cautiously. Great health.
A great month for you. Mars is in your favor until the 13th. Enjoy it because it’s fast money time. You can earn what you need with less effort. The romantic life receives the good energies of Mercury. After the 10th, Mercury enters Pisces and you will not be lacking love. Singles and married people live nirvana when the theme is feeling. Health is good and you also seek spiritual healing. Take this moment to study a new Philosophy or deepen your sensory connections.

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