RAINBOW FUTURE – The Salvatore Ferragamo sandal

We proudly presend you the Salvatore Ferragamo Rainbow Future, its first shoe inspired by the principles of sustainability. The model transpires from the legendary Rainbow sandal – one of the symbols of Salvatore Ferragamo, made in suede in 1938 for actress Judy Garland – and celebrates the bond between the tradition of Made in Italy and the brand’s commitment to sustainable development.

Presented in a limited edition of 100 pairs in the prestigious Ferragamo’s Creations collection, Rainbow Future is a hand-finished platform in veritable wood, crafted in organic crocheted cotton (certified in accordance with the strict environmental and social GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard criteria), with lining in leather finished with no carbon dioxide emission or water consumption (Layertech technology).

Water glue, non-galvanized brass, and sewing thread in 100% recycled material
complete Rainbow Future, wrapped in 100% biodegradable cotton bags and 100%
recyclable FSC cardboard shoeboxes. Besides this special packaging, each pair of
shoes will be accompanied by a limited edition certificate, describing its history and special characteristics.

The exclusive Ferragamo’s Creations line draws from the extraordinary shoe archive kept in Florence’s Palazzo Spini Feroni, at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, to reintroduce in limited and numbered edition some of the brand’s most famous historical models. The precious Ferragamo’s Creations models are entirely handmade using the original constructions, leathers, and shapes, and bear the brand’s historical label, designed in 1930 by futurist painter Lucio Venna.

Synonymous with Made in Italy craftsmanship, creativity and innovation, Salvatore Ferragamo has long chosen to adopt a social responsibility strategy that, in line with its founder’s principles, pursues economic growth while taking into account the impact of its actions in the social and environmental sphere. Rainbow Future aims to obtain the ISO 14067 certification, whereby it will be possible to calculate the emissions due to its making and compensate them through reforestation programmes, making it a “carbon neutral” shoe.

To this end, Salvatore Ferragamo will be supported by Treedom, a Florence firm
specialised in agro-forestry projects and in CO2 compensation. Treedom will plant 100 orange trees in the countryside on the outskirts of Catania (Sicily), within the sustainable production of high quality products through environment-friendly processes. A code written on the accompanying certificate will inseparably link each tree to a pair of Rainbow Future – a precious symbolic gift from Salvatore Ferragamo to the clients who by the shoe, who will be able to follow its life and development at www.Treedom.net.

Credit: Salvatore Ferragamo

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