Puff Puff Pass – How I finally quit smoking

This is obviously not the first time that I quit smoking cigarettes, but it sure is the first time that I became fully aware of my addiction which led me to be very serious about actually cutting them out of my life once and for all.

Since I am turning 30 this year, I feel like this is the year of changes for me. I made a deal with myself that I would no longer be a smoker after 30. Although, I still have a few months, I didn’t want to wait until my Birthday to quit. Its been 16 days since I have been smoke-free and my body is still working things out. I have many withdrawal symptoms; which are pretty annoying but it’s just my body trying to clean itself.

Insomnia – it is very common amongst quitters that your sleeping patterns are disturbed by the fact that you quit the intake of nicotine.I get around 4 hours of sleep and sweat like a pig in my sleep 🙁

I have little itchy rashes all over my body. On the bright side, there are no rashes on my face or I’d start smoking again because I’m so vain hahah

After Day 10 it gets better. I am determined to never be a smoker again. I am surprised that after 15 years of smoking it was so easy this time. I’m finally done with that filth.

So here are my tips on how to quit smoking!

1. You need a reason.  A strong one, because that will be the one thing you have to think of every time you get a craving.

2. Stop telling yourself that you like to smoke. No one likes to smoke. Every smoker wishes that they could quit. The fact is that you are addicted to nicotine. That is the reason you smoke.

3. I have 3 ‘Quit Smoking’ apps. Smoke Free, Kwit, and Quit it. Understanding what my body is going through and seeing the hours and days that I have been smoke-free makes me proud of myself. But surprisingly by Day 8 I only got 1-2 cravings per day. It will get easier, Trust me!!

4. Find the right timing for yourself! I have quit before but it only works when you are really ready and done. Don’t say: “I quit when things are not that stressful”.  Because there will never be a right time (or easy time) to quit. Do it because you love yourself and wanna stop poisoning yourself.

5. Work out! Get into the healthy lifestyle. Drink tons of water and flush out the toxins. Become an overall healthy Person.

6. Read Allan Carr’s ” Easy way to stop smoking”! It will change your perception on Cigarettes and smoking.

7. I knew it was gonna be the hardest for me not to smoke at parties, while talking on the phone with my BFF or sitting outside at the coffee shop; so I did all these things – smoke free. If you can make it through those situations when you crave a cigarette the most, all others will be easy peasy. Do what you normally do; just without the cigarettes:) Sounds easy huh?! Do not envy smokers! They are just too weak to quit. Instead, observe them and their behavior. Yuck!

I wish you guys good luck and hope you stay strong.


Kai-Li Ma

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