Money is back in circulation – Your stars for November 2017

Astrological Footprint by Claudia Vannini

A regenerating month! Jupiter and Neptune bring financial recovery to the entire planet. Money is back in circulation and there is optimism. All sectors of the economy feel this advance. Everything gets easier. There are fewer obstacles to overcome and hope is renewed. Neptune returns to its direct motion. A great relief for many signs. Themes can be permanently closed. The doubts are clarified. We can see the road that we have traveled very well. An astral gift after 10 months of tests and overcoming.



Venus, your Planet of Finances, acts positively in November. You change your relationship with Money. If you have debts, this is the time to pay them off. If you want to expand, this is the time to seek funding. Refinancing debts wisely, with better interest, organizes your life. Free yourself from what does not work. Make the necessary annual cleaning. Donate what you do not use. Abandon conducts that do not work. Opt for actions that give financial returns and close those that only demand energy. Regenerate!
Health: Stable and asks for physical detoxification.
Love: stable with less news for Singles.


November calls for a reorganization of finances. Mercury activates the cleaning of what does not work. Cut the excesses, reduce fixed expenses and watch the money expand. Pay off debt, refinance lower interest loans, and do a thorough cleaning. Modify how you make payments, including exchanging credit cards for cash. All this transformation has quick effects and improves the finances of the house. The career is still turbulent with retrograde Uranus. 03rd of January 2018  this suffocation ends.
Health: unstable and asks for rest.
Love: great for singles and married.


Neptune, the regent of your career, collaborates a lot with you in November. Some obstacles in this sector are overcome and you expand again. Since June you have dragged chains in the profession and now you finally free yourself. Partners collaborate with you. Jupiter improves business relationships and it’s time to make money. No more slowness! Many opportunities come through social groups. Be attentive to friends. They can take you to the right places and introduce you to good opportunities.
Health: unstable and asks for mental balance.
Love: SUPER ACTIVE! Have a good time!


November brings fun and joy. You’re still focused on the Home and the family, but you start having fun again. It is a prosperous month with more changes in the profession. They are not radical changes, but you cut edges. The trips are on this month’s plan. Whether it’s for fun or business, pack your bags. Anyone who works with financial speculation or groups of investors has a favorable month. Superfluous expenses should be cut, but surely you will want to acquire new objects. Judicial issues can have a favorable solution.
Health: good
Love: Excellent time for married couples and singles


November moves two areas of your life. First, you plunge into Home and Family. Resolves traumas, dramas and pains. With the ending of this theme, you go on for a fun and joyful period. Money comes easily and differently. Sometimes we have to use creativity to make money happen. It’s what do you do. Use your mental resources to make it happen. The career is going through a good time. If you work with financial speculation, you live a period of high earnings. There is optimism!
Health: unstable
Love: good opportunities


You’ve been dedicated to work and money. Now, it’s time to look at other areas of your life. Family, home, siblings, fraternal brothers and communication need your attention. The whole month revolves around the knowledge you have about an area. And it goes beyond. You have to communicate to everyone that you have a deep subject. Work and finances grow when you tell the world that you are an expert in one area. There is less outside activity and more movement through a Home Office.
Health: stable, but respect the influence of retrograde Uranus.
Love: excellent and unforgettable moments


Great month for you. Pluto, the Planet that rules your money, acts in a positive way. Anything that brings quick cash is more interesting to your eyes. There is less interest in social groups and being featured in social events. What makes your eye shine is the fat bank account. A promotion or new job, with a salary increase, is in the November project. Venus also collaborates and moves your House of Money. Open up to receive the benefits. Take time for your family and the care of the home.
Health: in good condition.
Love: Active and with opportunities for Singles.


Jupiter and Sun create the ideal setting for a month of peace and prosperity. You shine naturally and receive support from Venus. The stars are in your favor. Professional life goes very well and your personal power increases. The world sees you as successful. This emanation further enhances your success. Money, work, love, health and recognition are part of everyday life. Bosses seek your participation in the decisions and you can control many sectors. It’s an unforgettable month!
Health: Perfect
Love: Excellent for married and single


Mercury and Sun collaborate with you. This is a great opportunity to continue what you have already done in October. The work is benefited. A new job appears, even for those who are already employed. The bosses are looking for you. Friends indicate your name and it is a month with a financial increase. Trips because of work occur at various times of the month. Be prepared for so much solicitation and use the benefits of Mercury. Strengthen your communication and create strong bonds for the future.
Health: stable
Love: Great opportunities for Singles.


Jupiter and Neptune collaborate with you. Professional life is stable, without major turbulence. Finances go through balance and Uranus can not shake your monetary health. Be aware of deadlines. Uranus does not shake, but it delays. You get all the money destined for the month, but it may not come on the correct date. Keep your cool to deal with this theme. The important thing is that payments will be made in full. The social group remains in evidence and friends move their month. Invest in good shopping.
Health: stable
Love: stable


You receive astral support in November. Pluto and Neptune give the push that was lacking in professional life. Financial improvement is the result of this growth. Pluto, your Career Planet and Neptune, your Finance Planet, act all month over your sign. It’s time to grow in the profession. Integrate with social groups that open the doors. Approach people who have power as bosses, masters and coordinators. These people put you in the right place and the astral does the rest. Accept help!
Health: unstable and asks for breaks for recovery
Love: active with great possibilities for Singles


An excellent month with help from Neptune and Jupiter. You see new fields of study and plan good trips. There is a spiritual improvement and deepening of the faith. November brings professional success and financial improvement. The sun is also beneficial for a new job or increased responsibility. You shine in your career. Judicial issues can have a favorable solution. Get closer to the Bosses and people who have power at work. These people make room for you to develop. Accept their support.
Health: stable
Love: inactive



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