For Resort 2016, Miu Miu launches the ‘pareo’ skirt. Inspired by a journey, this infinitely adaptable and audacious design represents the rejection of formality and the independent spirit of the Miu Miu girl as she travels the world broadening her knowledge and experience in the pursuit of personal freedom.
The ‘pareo’ skirt is available in three variations: in cotton voile Vichy or ‘planet’ prints and in a crèpe de chine check. All are universally recognisable, democratic and as optimistic and light-hearted as the woman who chooses to wear them.
Beloved by continents as diverse as Asia and Africa, the charm of the ‘pareo’ skirt lies in both its simplicity and immediacy. It is at once familiar – worn equally by men and women across the globe – and highly individual – no two people need ever wear it in quite the same way. In that sense, the ‘pareo’ skirt is transformative, the ultimate expression of the liberating qualities of the contemporary woman’s wardrobe.
Available from selected Miu Miu stores worldwide, each ‘pareo’ skirt comes packaged in a special soft fabric envelope stamped with the iconic Miu Miu name.


Credit: PR

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