Mediterranean break in Andalusia’s most beautiful surroundings – The Golf & Spa Resort Finca Cortesin reopens for its guests

The Golf & Spa Resort Finca Cortesin reopens now and will keep offering guests a retreat in nature. Locating in southern Spain, it is a place that will provide ideal physical and mental health with great privacy and very high safety standards.

Sophistication, exclusivity and privacy have always been one of the main features of The Golf & Spa Resort Finca Cortesin, it combines the classic Mediterranean lifestyle with modern characters, which is also reflected in the exquisite cuisine and high-quality service, and the impeccable spa, a brilliant atmosphere of calm and peace is created.

There are some new highlights after the renovation. The Golf & Spa Resort Finca Cortesin underwent a refurbishment during the closure period in order to provide guests with a new experience. The pool restaurant has added Josper Grill restaurant, a new concept of the open-air kitchen is revealed. On the other hand, interior designer Lorenzo Castillo has redesigned the layout of Finca Cortesin. Lots of new features are placed and being looked forward to!

Here are some highlights:

Image Credit: The Golf & Spa Resort Finca Cortesin

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