Louis Vuitton Exhibits its LVERS Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 Collection in Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars

Last week, the Louis Vuitton Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 Collection was displayed in an impressive fashion show in the heart of Hong Kong. The show was set along Victoria Harbour with a stunning view of Hong Kong’s Island and its illuminated skyline.

The new collection, by LV Men’s Creative Director Pharrell Williams, is heavily influenced by cosmological and nautical themes, aligning promisingly with the moon’s gravitational force. The moon’s significance lies in its role as the Earth’s wave-maker and source of light and guidance across the globe, an influence that can be traced back to William’s upbringing in Virginia Beach. Motifs of constellations, sailors, fishermen and surfers, then, are not scarce, with patterns of waves, stars, florals, pearls, and shells dominating the pieces as well as the show’s interactive display of lights and projections.

Williams was driven by multicultural influences, with a particular focus on creating a bohemian collection ideal for the surfing lifestyle of Hawaii that is simultaneously perfectly suited for wear in the urban environment of Hong Kong.

The Hawaiian shirt, floral and bold with connotations of eternal youth and sun-drenched vibrations of the Hawaiian mentality, express the collection’s energising nature and cultural connectivity.

The sailor silhouette, double-breasted suits and navel coats with pearls, shell-embroidery, and stripes, embed Williams’ nautical vocabulary.

The surfer motifs, with models in scuba suits or carrying surfboards, are tied to the moon’s centrality in the collection, given the moon’s effect on the size of tidal waves. The Victoria Harbour itself has welcomed seafarers for centuries, men who have been led by the moon and the stars to new horizons. Roman mythology is also interwoven in the collection, with allusions to Neptune – God of the seas and freshwater – in floral shirts and bomber jackets.

Ultimately, the fashion show encompassed everything Williams strove to illustrate in his Pre-Fall Collection. The music, by himself as well as Swae Lee and Rauw Alejandro, was performed live at the show by fifty ukulele performers and was a perfect soundtrack for a fitting ambience.

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