Important changes for everyone – Your stars for August 2017

Astrological Footprint by Claudia Vannini
August comes with good surprises and important changes for everyone. There are two Eclipses and a general movement in the proposals of the Semester. Eclipses transform our life for 6 months and bring ruptures that generate growth. In addition to the Eclipses, we have the action of Jupiter. The Great Planet expands solid business and brings productivity to the industrial sectors. Economies advance and trade benefits in this process. Jupiter acts positively until the end of September. It is a phase of good business and resolution of doubts. Many feel doors opening. Saturn also operates until October, 2017 and gives support to what Jupiter extends.


We should keep special attention on the 4th and 12th. Uranus and Mercury go into retrograde motion. Uranus always warns us that something can get out of the way. Having alternate plans is a smart way to deal with this amazing Planet. Mercury delays communications and some messages simply do not reach their destination. Checking all the errands, schedules and checking the email box is a way to get around problems. Among the Eclipses, we have known instabilities with electronics, viruses on computers and smartphones, dropping of electrical systems and breaking cars, equipment and airplanes. Hacker invasion is common at this stage. The best way to handle this is to update the files by saving files to external HD. If possible, we should postpone travel and schedule surgeries for September. On the 26th, another important movement. Saturn returns to its direct movement and the world recession decreases. Great news! Learn Now how you will feel with both Eclipses.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: You feel this first Eclipse very strongly. It is the tension generated on Mars. Situations reach a point of no return. It is a good time to change friendships and attend new social groups. Accept new things in your life!

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: Your daily life and your health ask for reorganization in this Semester. Change old habits and organize work so that there is happiness and harmony. Improve your menu and seek out physical activities that bring you pleasure.

Love: The married, who have children, will spend the semester focused on the organization of their lives. Single people find someone in the new social groups.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: Professional changes and a new job are designed for your Semester. Enjoy this moment to reorganize the professional life. Entry and exit of new bosses create opportunities for you to grow in the profession.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: The semester provides for renovations in the house and small repairs. Family relationships also go through changes. Children may request more from you during the semester. Focus is the Home and the family.

Love: Married people live a happy and sensual phase. It is the renewal of the home. Singles can start dating without big commitments.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: Renewal of the Faith and opportunities abroad. Studying and traveling are the themes of the next Semester. Organize finances for a special trip with intellectual growth.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: You feel this Eclipse very strongly. It is the sign with more benefits in August and with greater chances of progress in the Semester. Your financial life goes through prosperity. Luck smiles at you. Do not leave aside lottery games. Enjoy!

Love: Couples in harmony. Singles seek love with perfect communication.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: New ways to share power and personal strength. Professional changes are welcome when they improve the quality of life. Opportunity to show a new way of being. Abandonment of old concepts.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: Opportunity to transform the way you earn money or how you manage your belongings. Rethink how you see money in the long run. Improve your communication and use this moment to change your electronics.

Love: Married couples face challenges because of financial life and shared budget. Not a favorable month for new relationships.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: Major changes in partnerships and marriage. Partnerships that are strong continue after turmoil. It’s time to end up confusing or one-way relationships. Partners are removed.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: You feel strongly the transformation of the Self. This Eclipse occurs in your sign. In addition to personal change, you make a new financial plan. This makes money be managed in a clear and prosperous way.

Love: The movements of Uranus complicate the lives of singles and married couples. With the second Eclipse in Leo, it’s not a good month to start a new relationship.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: Changes in daily life, in the workplace and in Health. Review what has to be transformed to improve the quality of life on Earth. Look for several opinions for a diagnosis if your health becomes unstable.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: Your karmic resources are accessible for you to make a reformulation in the way it is shown to the world. The transformation of the personal image is the result of everything being transformed within you.

Love: Married people need more dedication to overcome differences of opinion. Single people can live a love, but there is still no complete understanding.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: Excellent opportunity for a change in work. Renovation of leadership creates prosperity for you. Enjoy this moment.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: In this Semester you feel the change in the group of friends and in the institutions that you attend. Accept new friends and let go of those who have become someone else. Your sign is the one that feels the biggest change in electronics, cars and electrical systems. Update your antivirus and make copies of vital documents.

Love: You are the one chosen to live love intensely. Do not be afraid to marry. Married people live a romantic and stable period. Enjoy this phase!


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: Home Changes and problem solving is applied in the structure of the house. Changing, renovating or installing new appliances is part of the Semester. Reorganization of responsibilities among family members.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: Changes in the work and change in the positions of leadership. New social groups expand your Semester. Good time for renovation of electronic equipment. Unstable health until the 21st. Truly rest!

Love: Married people redefine their roles in the Home and the way they deal with the affective relationship. It is not an active phase for singles as they are without vital energy.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: You are the sign that strongly feels the changes in communication, electronics and cars. Set aside money to replace what you break. Increase patience with your brothers and watch all your communication.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: Great opportunity abroad and in the search of new studies. Opportunity for professional growth throughout the Semester. Reformulation of career with prosperity. Embrace the invitation for a trip.

Love: Singles and married find affective balance after the 21st. Romance is not the focus of this month, since the great call is beyond the sea. Nothing nearby draws you.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: Good time for financial life and positive results in your investments. Family changes and minor repairs in the house.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: Opportunities for new studies, renewal of the Faith and good contacts with the Exterior. Take the opportunity to review your partnerships and rethink how you share power. Clean all the mental and material waste.

Love: Excellent opportunity for forgiveness between partners and abandonment of the themes of the past. Forget what did not work. It is important to stay focused on the future. Love is not active for the unmarried, for they are still cleansing the heart.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: As it happens in your sign, you pass the Semester on the change of the Self. A new look or a diet are part of the manifestations of this change. New clothes symbolize this process. The work can be modified.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: The central theme now is partnership and marriage. There are 6 months to see the reality on this topic and if there really is power sharing. Extreme sensitivity in health in the days near the Eclipses.

Love: Married people feel the need to impose their personality on the relationship. Complicated relationships end. Singles are in love with you.


Lunar Eclipse of the 7th: Moment to organize the financial life. Eclipse affects your earnings. Use your karmic resources to transform your trajectory on Earth. Learn from the past and reassess what is useful for the future. Discard mental waste.

Solar Eclipse of the 21st: Take good care of your health, accept the changes in your professional and daily life. Settle partnerships and marriage. Any renewal in the subjects mentioned is part of the new Semester routine. New partners can arrive.
Love: Married couples reevaluate the relationship and some marriages may end. Singles are only interested in love after the 22nd. Until then they are introspective.


Be happy on Earth.


Image Credit: NASA

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