Hermès – A Rethink of Runway

Instead of making a film of a standard scene, Hermès presented an idea of backstage workings, which is something the fashion world has never seen. Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, the artistic director of womenswear claimed: “I wanted this three-act performance to be our way of keeping a record of these extraordinary times where the situation demands more of us than a simple runway show. I wanted a film directed by an artist with a feel for the crossover of genres and disciplines. Not a film about fashion, nor about dance, but a film about us all and all the ways we can and must continue to reinvent ourselves.”

The show was put on a triptych of dance and fashion, bookended by two choreographies: one in New York and the other in Shanghai. This is a creative movement Hermès completed during the current restrictions, which is a rethink with the medium of a digital camera. Although the triptych is three acts, they are in an inseparable entirety, which makes a great combination of live performance and fashion.

Here are some highlights:

Image Credit: Hermès

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