Helmut Lang – A Cautiously Optimistic Attitude in The Post-pandemic World

In the 2021 Fall/Winter collection, Helmut Lang uses hi-tech materials such as double neoprene and Astro foil which are used for water resistance and wind-proof, which makes a great combination of functional use and aesthetic pursue.

In the menswear section, we can see the use of matte, silver and reflective materials, which are very modern and full of potentials, they create a timeless silhouette. For womenswear, Helmut Lang introduced zippered neoprene leggings, with its classic sporty military and tech-wear style.

In this season, there are a series of key items include men’s puffer vest, which is currently extremely popular in styling. On the other hand, tracksuits and hoodies are introduced as well, the general image of this season’s design is clean, neat, functional and classical. The key pieces for ladies include a smooth rider suit, which indicates Helmut Lang’s reinterpretation of suit – feminine yet casual, with a sense of neutralization. Another essential design is the micro-mini wrap skirt with an elastic tie and buckle closure, this design is full of feminine beauty but also suggesting multiple ways of dressing for women, which is highly advanced and experimental.

Here are some highlights:

Image Credit: Helmut Lang

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