Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2024 Menswear Collection Brings A Contemporary Style To Its Rich Heritage 

This year Gucci opted for a digital lookbook and an immersive exhibition rather than the runway to showcase their Spring/Summer 2024 Menswear Collection during Milan Fashion Week. The exhibition was held at Spazio Maiocchi and was curated by artist Alessio Ascari. 

Although it was predominately to celebrate 70 years of the House’s iconic Horsebit loafer, the collection too, was attention-grabbing. The space featured the works of ten artists and curators who created a piece of work inspired by the Horsebit link. 

All exhibits were striking with a variety of creators, from filmmakers to image-makers to digital and sculptural furniture artists showcasing their work.

As one roams around the multifaceted exhibition, the Spring/Summer 2024 Menswear Collection is seen showcased on mannequins. The essence of the collection alludes to the concept of ‘past meets present’. There is a noticeable entwinement of the brand’s traditional elements with a nouveau aesthetic. 

Featured silhouettes of baggy trousers, zip-down knitwear, polychromatic printed co-ords, heavy towel fabrics, a head-to-toe disco ball resembling two-piece, and even a skateboard with the brand’s famed logo imprinted across it, gave the collection a modern twist. 

It also showcased some of Gucci’s most renowned products and attributes. These elements are noticed in a variety of the looks, such as the Horsebit link appearing on loafers and embossed onto bags, the perfectly tailored suits, the brands signature green and red strips recognizable across bag handles, and their Gucci monogram plastered across shirts, shorts, trousers, and bags.

The concept of presenting elements of tradition with a modern twist is certainly seen in the historic Horsebit loafer itself, as the brand recreated the shoe but replaced the original sole with a rubber one, which blends contemporary style with the brand’s rich heritage successfully.

The colour palette of the collection consisted of black and grey, vibrant rose reds, navy blues, and neutral tones such as cream, brown and tan. However, the most eye-catching of all was the brand’s use of dramatic silver. Due to a lot of the colour choices being muted, the pops of colour in respective looks really shone through. 

The colour selection paired with the fabric choices emphasized the direction the look was taking regarding a contemporary or more traditional path. The collection utilized lightweight fabrics, metallic grey tones and prints to hone in on a more modern aesthetic with various looks even having a futuristic atmosphere about it. 

On the contrary, the collection also showcased looks portraying Gucci’s distinguished characteristics by incorporating outfits with perfect tailoring, checkered fabrics and rich colours. Throughout the collection, these concepts often overlap with various outfits blending tradition and modernity into one look, this is seen in Gucci’s renowned tailored suits customized with a baggy, oversized fit.

The Gucci Spring/Summer 2024 Menswear Collection held at Spazio Maiocchi was a masterpiece. The 70-year celebration of the Horsebit loafer was immersive and stimulating and the collection being featured as part of the exhibition was artful in itself. The brand intertwined modernity and tradition brilliantly this season. From the artists to the artwork, to the exhibition as a whole, the brand successfully took a contemporary route whilst still keeping its distinguishing characteristics.

Image credit: Gucci

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