Gallotti&Radice – Integrating Glass into Home Design

With its concept of “at work, with style”, Gallotti&Radice aims to create a perfect workstation for both home and office, in which it combines modern and elegant design, and cleverly applies the diverse use of glass into furniture design. In these designs, there is a clear sense of curiosity and respect for original materials.

The product President Junior is a design for a refined and important environment, which is a desk with clean shapes and a majority of the glass. With “Grigio Italia glass”, this desk makes a great complement to the office area. The metal details are mainly stainless steel and polished brass, a strong visual impact with the elegant and luxurious aesthetic is reflected. The characteristic element of this design is the metal joint which has identified the product of this classic Italian brand for over 50 years, the entire look of the desk is with the signature and authenticity of the historical accumulation of Gallotti&Radice.

Gallotti&Radice’s products are excellently made from high-quality glass which are polished lacquer and brass, copper, wood, fabric or leather to achieve a pleasant visual impact. It expresses its superb craftsmanship and value, which shows the complex methods and unique features of timeless designs. Gallotti&Radice actively combines its excellent quality and exquisite style, it manages to provide the public with a special and comfortable lifestyle choice.

Image Credit: Gallotti&Radice

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