Elie Saab – Celebrating the Feminine Power

For this year’s FW21/22 collection, Elie Saab draws a unique sense of feminine, it revealed a conversation between soft and bold, which indicates the extreme beauty in feminine power.

The palette of the collection is mostly absorbing black, which decides the tone of choice, mixing with soft beauty elements such as transparency, lace and polka-dot. This leads out the motif of women and power that Saab wants to express through ready-to-wear materials. Another element that helps to portray the feminine flowy forms is the embroidery in silver and gold that shapes floral and art decorations. The movements of the female bodies are grasped in the geometric patterns which make remarkable looks in layers. These strong inspiration and imaginations are timeless, they have their own vocabularies to establish new identities and to create their own destinies.

Image Credit: Elie Saab

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