Dior Lock Bag – Presenting A New Style Statement for Men

With a strong sense of vintage inspirations and a contemporary spirit, Dior men is presenting its Lock Bag series for the 2021 Autumn collection. By blending the two elements together, Dior stated a new style and way of looking for menswear.

The bags have structured volumes that are inspired by the graphic form of briefcases, combining with a unique metallic clasp engraved with the signature logo of the brand. On the other hand, the colours and materials are also presented with new styles and techniques. The products are available in a bi-material finish, which are leather and Dior oblique canvas. However, the other options of looks are still available, such as plain black, beige and azure blue crocodile, and these ones come in a camera bag inspired shape as well as mini clutch iterations.

This is a brand-new aesthetic that Dior is bringing in this May 2021, the products are subtle but lively, with the inspiration and aesthetic from daily products, balancing the art of life and fashion.

Image Credit: Dior

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