Dior Autumn/Winter 2017-18 Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry: Because everyone loves to make a statement.

Costume Jewelry is a blessing to everyone. Beautifully crafted and unique, almost all costume jewelry is bound to stand out and make a statement.

As seen in their Spring/Summer 2018 runway show earlier this month, Dior debuted their Autumn/Winter 2017 costume jewelry collection.

With an abundance of bees and what seem to be snakes, the collection of chokers, rings, and earrings is a mix of bohemian, edgy, and victorian styles.



A theme being one side different from the other, these earrings are sure to make a statement at any event.

Another style, a smaller stud/ball in the front with a larger piece in the back to accentuate the face. 


Again, following the same theme, these rings add to the overall image of the collection. Pair any of these rings with a pair of matching earrings, or simply by themselves! They can be dressed-up or worn casually, which we love.



The classic black velvet choker has made yet another comeback this season along with metal ones for a more defined and proper look.



Image Credit: Dior

Torrie Krantz
Torrie Krantz


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