Chanel with Ola Rudnicka – Revisiting the Parisienne’s Style

In the Fall/Winter 2021/22 pre-collection, Chanel invited Valentin Giacobetti to photograph model Ola Rudnicka, who is also a friend of the House, as the face of this season’s series. Previously, Rudnicka has been posing in various magazines wearing Chanel and has frequently walked for the shows. There is an instinctive balance between masculine beauty and feminine beauty within Rudnicka, which makes her capable of almost all aesthetics including boyish ones and traditional female looks. As the model herself explains. “There are things that I didn’t realize in the way I dress, I never tried to define my style before. We could say I discovered it via Chanel. There is no better way.”

For this season’s inspiration, Rudnicka added several more information. She said: “It’s actually very 70s and a bit punk, with this classic Chanel hint in a way which is very elegant.” Just like she said, the brand emphasized contrasting colours, which are mainly black and white punctuated by pink and grey shades. On the aspect of materials, Chanel selected different ones such as tweed, leather, cashmere, flannel, and silk etc. With the masculine-inspired silhouette, the diversity of fabrics and textiles presents an interesting structure.

It is a modern and relaxed look we are having for this season’s Chanel, the aesthetic of the mixture of masculinity and femininity indicated that comfort is key without ever giving up the female beauty side. This pre-collection will be available in boutiques from July 16, 2021.

Image Credit: Chanel

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