CHANEL Métiers d’Art – The sophisticated look of the metropolitan

In this season’s CHANEL Métiers d’Art, an immense space based on the imagination of CHANEL is built, designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti, is where the event took place. Virginie Viard explained: “It’s a vast, very open space, with a façade adorned with threads of white concrete, a garden, beautiful walkways, and a large gallery where exhibitions will also be held.”

This collection is described as “very metropolitan yet sophisticated”. Viard asked Dimitri Chamblas to choreograph the film, which is also presented before the show. Each model was drawn by a different illustrator, so that each piece remains the sense of uniqueness, to present one of the Maisons d’art and to evolve in a little story inspired by a CHANEL icon.

The highlights of this collection include tweed jackets with sweatshirt sleeves, embroidery with graffiti style, and the classical two-tone beige and black Mary-Janes, etc. The general style is a nice mixture of elegance and urban life, expressed the feminine beauty of CHANEL very well, on the other hand, it opens up new possibilities in the contemporary fashion industry, truly remarkable.

Image Credit: CHANEL

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