Chanel and Her Intimacy

The current pandemic brings us all to the front row seats in a vintage French salon, and so we can stay in a cosy and lively space to interpret Chanel’s 2021/22 Fall/Winter collection. Virginie Viard claimed that she loves the contrast and the effect of the small and warm spatial environment. The video is presented in a very narrative way with details such as models putting on make-up on themselves or pilling their coats up in the cloakroom, it is experimental and full of vintage aesthetics. As the designer explained: “This collection is a mix of two influences: the ambiance of ski holidays, which I adore, and a certain idea of cool Parisian chic, from the 1970s to now.”

Viard chose Castel, the unique interior style in salons and bars attracts her, where we can find a sense of comfort and intimacy, with a language of niche and peace in the small town. The concept behind is far beyond a fashion show, this is a journey that demonstrates contrasts between volumes, materials and spirit.

Here are some highlights:

Image Credit: Chanel

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