Celebrating the essence of craft with 2021 Loewe Foundation craft prize

For over four years, Spanish luxury brand Loewe, in association with its creative director Jonathan Anderson, has been celebrating and recognizing the artisans representing the utmost excellence and innovation in the discipline of contemporary craftsmanship. Looking back at all the shortlisted finalists and talented winners of the Loewe Foundation craft prize, allows us to observe the evolution and development of talent within the field, throughout the years, and thankfully, from this year onwards, we will be able to do just that, from the comfort of our own homes. The foundation’s newly launched digital platform “The Room”, enables easy browsing through the archive containing shortlisted entries done by both past years’ and current finalists of the competition, and for those, interested in acquiring the displayed pieces, the platform provides an opportunity to either directly communicates with the artisans or the galleries displaying their work.

Due to the restrictions in place in France, Loewe Foundation has transferred this year’s exhibition into the digital stratosphere. By visiting www.loewecraftprize.com, you will be able to see for yourself all of the impeccably 360 degree rendered works of this year’s finalists, exhibited in beautifully 3D modeled halls of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The winning entry titled “SHE” by Fanglu Lin, a Chinese designer seeking to breathe new life into the disappearing traditions of Chinese minorities, can be found within the digital exhibition. Her work inspired by the sewing techniques of the Bai minority of Yunnan province stunned the jury not only with its grandiose scale but also with the incredible handiwork, which showcased the young designer’s boundariless skillset and talent.

Image credits: Loewe

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