It's the beginning of a prosperous year – Your stars for January 2018

JANUARY, 2018 by ClaudiaVannini

A month with two Full Moons. One on the 2nd at CANCER and the other on the 31st at LEO. It’s the beginning of a prosperous year! The best time of the month is between the 16th and 24th. New projects should be launched on January 17th, when the Crescent Moon will be in Capricorn. The Partial Lunar Eclipse, on the 31st, moves specific themes for each sign. Read below how you will be affected and what your points of greatest interest are. Good start of Journey!


January opens an exhaustive work cycle. No vacation! It’s time to work hard and connect with everyone who can create opportunities. Friends, teachers and former bosses should be on your contact list. Everyone can have something to offer.Try the Crescent Moon and launch your projects. The result will come. Eclipse affects your creativity and your children. Keep an eye on the little ones and feed yourself with movies, books and art. If you have to change something to have more money on hand, do it.
Healthy fragile from overwork.
Love stable


Your biggest interest in January is to work. Until the 16th, you can even travel. Even so, you will have your head in business. It’s the perfect time to start a new business or switch to a job that challenges you. Working hours in a row will be routine this month. There is prosperity. Eclipse affects your Home. Keep an eye on family members on the 31st. Preserve your car and family electronics. Small renovations take place in the house.
Health asks for rest, it is unstable.
Extremely benefited love


Time to look back and reanimate a project or a dream. After the 11th, Mercury activates your 8th house and brings, from the past, something to be relaunched or revised. Work persistently on this theme and turn what has stood still in time. Give your idea a new look and cast it on the Crescent Moon. The financial return is still slow, but you should not wait any longer. 2017 has already been a year of much waiting. The Eclipse of the 31st moves the sibilings life and affects the electronics.
Excellent health
Extremely benefited love

The Sun moves your finances. This is a great time to rethink the way you manage your money. This move will be strengthened on the 31st. The Eclipse catches you in the House of Money. Another event that comes to reshape finances. It is the opportunity to seek a new source of income, cut unnecessary expenses or pay a debt. Partnerships are benefited by Saturn and all social life revolves around work. Rest to regain your strength!
Neutral love.
Health strengthened after day 21


January has an accumulation of Planets in your houses 5,6,7 and 8. This shows that the searchlight is not over your head. You have strength, but only enjoy the power if you know how to share it. Money comes from the hands of others. Do not concentrate anything. Spread and distribute. Eclipse occurs in your #sign. It is the right time for you to define your image. Major changes will occur in your life. You’ve wanted them for a long time. Now is the time to tell the world what has changed in you.
Strengthened health until the 21st.
Love in a good time


Venus in Capricorn collaborates with the financial organization until the 18th. It is a good financial moment. As Venus is in your 5th house, it has stimulated the pleasures of life. Expenses with travel, leisure and good food. This should be reviewed. Put creativity into action to earn more. Care redoubled with financial speculation, you can lose money. Eclipse affects your 12 house. Review your faith at the end of the month and select your companies. Back up your smartphone and computer.
Virus in electronics can arrive on the 31st.
Good health and stable love


Good news for your finances. Until November, Jupiter is expanding its ability to generate money. Friends and partners get the boost from Mars and further increase the chances for you. It’s a moment to raise money. Pay attention to this sector. The Eclipse of the 31st shakes up your social group. Friends can move away or you can leave a group to devote yourself to financial projects. Take good care of electronics during the 31st day.
Good health after the 21st
Excellent love


Get ready to score high! January starts with activation in the money house. Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter create new opportunities. For those who already work, it is a sign of more work by going over night with overtime. Eclipse affects your work life. If you want to change something, you have 6 months to act. As your year will be prosperous, take advantage of Uranus’s support and start now. No trips this month. It is your great chance to start a project and give the year the rhythm of prosperity.
Stable health.
Stable LOVE.

January is your special month! All #Planets are in direct motion and you should work doubled. Heavy invest in your career and bid your projects still on the Crescent Moon. It’s time to plant all your ideas and work hard to get the results to happen during the Semester. If your family asks for your attention, explain that the moment is unique. Do not get stuck in Home. Eclipse affects travel and study. Rethink the theme.
The ideal is to work in January.
Good health.

You are the most powerful sign in January. You are independent and has many Planets in Capricorn. You can do what you want and how you want it. Launch your projects on Crescent Moon and watch the money appear. The Lunar Eclipse of the 31st affects your 8 house. Remember how you deal with power and how you view death. Life, death and rebirth will be themes for reflection. You will NOT die, but you will rethink the subject under new light. As the Eclipse is Lunar, changes can occur in love.
Excellent health.
Stable love.


Pluto cooperates with you. Your career is benefited and good opportunities appear. After a low energy phase, you open the year 2018 with the reins in hand. The command is yours. Learn to cope well with all the power you receive. Opportunity in a new job. It may seem simple, but as long as life runs, you have to work on internal issues. Do not flee from your Self, or from your karmic memories! Face your ghosts. The Eclipse affects marriage or a partnership. Change what is needed.
Fragile health on the 31st.
Stable love.
Invest all your strength in your career. Mercury brings good results. Do networking and advertise yourself insistently. The money arrives until the last week of the month with support from Mars. The astral is benefiting you to enter 2018 successfully or with a new job. Make it happen. Use the strength of the Eclipse on January 31 to move your vocation, your routine, and take care of food. Good time to reshape your diet.
Stable health and stable LOVE

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