Balmain Hair Couture Exudes Effortless Sophistication With Their SS23 Riviera Collection And Men’s Hair Care Range

Despite Balmain Paris being known for their elaborate couture on the runway, the brand has also been influential in the world of hair, known for its luxurious Balmain Hair Couture which launched over 45 years ago. 

Balmain created the line in hopes of combining hair essentials with the runway, reflecting backstage antics and the necessities one needs to create the ultimate runway look. As the company established its craft in the industry, they have released some game-changing tools, appliances, hair products and accessories.

With summer adventures on the horizon, Balmain Hair Couture’s SS23 Riviera Collection could be the ideal travel necessity this season. The brand thematised the collection around effortless sophistication, creating products that are easily applied yet still deliver grandeur.

The collection was a homage to the lavish life on the French Riviera with inspiration taken from the beauty the Mediterranean region encapsulates. The famed Breton stripe print was a key collection theme as it fabricated hair ties and cosmetic bags. Cognac and black-coloured hair accessories were featured, the ultimate staple to look the part taking a stroll down the French boulevard. 

Three sets of bundles and four varying accessories made up the brand’s SS23 collection this year. The Riviera Soleil Set understood the importance of healthy hair with its prioritization of providing the ideal hair care set, which balances simplicity and sophistication with its easy application and stylish results. It contains the Sun Protection Spray (200ml), preventing sun damage, and the Texturizing Salt Spray (200ml) to accentuate the casual beach waves that give a natural summer look. To accessorize, the white cellulose acetate clip was added to keep wispy curls out of the face during a relaxing day alongside the sea. 

The Riviera Volume Set contained the Volume Shampoo and Conditioner (300 ml), and the Leave-In Conditioning Spray (200 ml). The products are easy for on-the-go with their travel-sized bottles while still leaving your hair voluminous, detangled and shiny even in humid weather. For those whose hair may be needing hydration during a hot summer, The Balmain Hair Couture Riviera Moisture Set offers nourishment and elegance with its bundle. As an accessory, a Breton stripe print hair tie comes with the set next to the Moisturizing Styling Cream (150 ml) used to tame the wildest of frizz and the Leave-In Conditioning Spray (200 ml) detangles any saltwater-induced nots.

This collection’s hair accessories exuded opulence with its rich colours and quality fabrics. The brand summarised a trip to the French Riviera with tasteful craftsmanship and designs.

As an ode to the 1970s ‘PB’ pattern, the Pinces à Cheveux, handmade cellulose acetate hair clips, selected an elegant colour combination that was adored by Pierre Balmain. The 18k gold plated ‘B’ logo was accentuated with ivory outlining on the black clip. With its suitability for all hair types, the accessory is durable, gentle and scalp-friendly, and is available in various sizes.

Two headbands were released in this collection the first being, the limited edition Riviera-Headband fully plated in 18k gold, with the famed ‘B’ logo embellished on the side and the second being, the genuine nappa leather in cognac. Both were timeless with a hint of elegance turning even the simplest of hairstyles into a more thoughtful one. 

In the distinguished cognac leather, the final accessory of the collection, the Riviera Barrette, paid homage to the countless boats and wooden details that characterise luxury cars off the French Coast. The 18k gold plating was used again which complemented the warm colour flawlessly. 

Although Balmain Hair Couture is motivated by providing the essentials to have women looking runway ready in no time, the brand also prides itself on its men’s hair care range.

The Balmain Homme Bodyfying line aims to thicken and aid hair growth to give the hair a fuller appearance. A few of the range’s essentials are bundled into the Bodyfying Giftset consisting of the Balmain Homme Bodyfying Shampoo 250ml, Bodyfying Conditioner 250ml and the Activating Scalp Treatment 50ml.

To provide a definition and shine, Balmain released the Shine Wax and the Session Spray Medium which keep a flexible hold that can last throughout the day. With their re-workable consistencies, they prevent the hair from looking overly stiff and rather ensure a smooth finish. The wax’s water-based formula and the spray’s easy-to-brush-through texture allow for quick removal, perfect for a stress-free holiday.

The Homme Sculpting Wax 100ml provides versatility with its voluminous yet smooth and natural finish. The product is infused with decadent aromas harboring notes of amber, wood, citrus, sandalwood and bergamot which leave the hair smelling fresh with a hint of spicy. 

The Travel Giftset is the ultimate vacation accessory for the modern man. Consisting of three products, it will keep your hair healthy and stylish on the go, with their Styling Gel Medium to perfect a look, and The Bodyfying shampoo and conditioner for growth stimulation and a deep cleanse.

The Balmain Hair Couture SS23 Riviera Collection and mens hair care line emanated luxury and elegance as the brand honed into creating hair products that aligned with the opulence of their runway.

Image credit: Balmain

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