We want action – Your stars for June 2019

June, 2019 by ClaudiaVannini
We live a cycle of astral paralysis. The retrograde Planets are:
Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. Jupiter delays the action of Justice. Note that, on the whole Planet, there is indecision about lawsuits. Even what is evident in legal terms, is challenged. Saturn creates a financial recession. Neptune retrogrades, on June 22nd, creating the illusion that everything is solved. No, it’s not! The world’s themes demand daily attention. Retrograde Pluto puts the past on our doorstep. Countries need to digest previously voted laws. In domestic life, we return to the themes we have struggled with in the past. 40% of the Planets are retrograde. And next month we will deal with Mercury retrograde. Then it will be 50% of the Planets crawling in the sky. Here on Earth, we want action. The action exists but comes with delays and backlogs. Knowing how to handle this scenario is a challenge. Much can be done, but we must know that we work with only 60% of our engines. Can you get to the other side of the continent? Sure, but it can be costly in several ways. At least, knowing that the engines are “damaged”, we stop looking for culprits. We are not in a terrible time of Humanity. We are not in the collapse of institutions. We are living a Cosmic moment. If Humanity has, in the past, been reduced to about 2000 people, we know that this is not our worst moment.
Get ready for the lunar phases. Sow projects on the New Moon. As there is an Eclipse next month, anticipate the releases for JUNE. In Eclipse Month you do not get anything.
03rd – New Moon in GEMINI
10th – Waxing Moon in VIRGO
17th – Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS
25th – Waning Moon in ARIES
A good month to all!
June brings mental agility. Everything that is new, modern and intelligent attracts your interest. Seek new knowledge. Only venture out if there is research that guarantees your effort. With this attitude, you narrow the margin of error. Just shoot the target. Enjoy this moment to improve the way you communicate. Beyond technique, seek an intimate approach to communication. Surround yourself with scholars and experts. There are good gains, so prepare a financial saving for the next month. Love goes well if there is mental attunement. Good health until the 21st.
The first half of June guarantees a financial return. The work generates good results and your bank balance grows. Investments and financial speculation are surprising. So concentrate your strength on these themes and spread prosperity. You are one of the few SIGNS with great financial advantages in June. Retrograde planets do not directly affect you. Celebrate! Affective life does not receive so many benefits. Health is strengthened. Since there is a lot of work, take good care of the cervical spine. You are the star of the month!
June promises accentuated work. The financial return happens after the 21st. It is difficult to work hard and not see the money flowing. In that hour, use your confidence. In the last ten days of the month, your bank account grows back. Control the impulse for leisure time. You may be having more fun than working. Rearrange your calendar and leave the planned vacation for another month. That way, you do not lose sight of your goals. Love goes through mismatches. You are selfish and do not look closely at your partner. Stable health.
You are the SIGN with a better financial return on speculation. In addition to this momentary luck, June brings good gains. Some activities will be transformed. A new job or more work where you are. It’s time for you to change your routine. You command while many signs obey. This requires spiritual maturity. Those in charge should create opportunities around them. Thus, the wheel of prosperity continues to revolve. Love goes through instability because you are focused on yourself. Rethink your behavior. Balanced health.
The Universe collaborates with you. June brings the positive movement for finances. Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter accentuate the gains. Seek to interact more with friends. Many opportunities come by recommendation of friends. Networking is the magic word for you right now. Do not repeat the same strategies. Look for new ways to solve the old problems at work. Love passes through a stable moment. Health also contributes to your prosperity. Deepen your knowledge of Faith and Humanity.
You are the most benefited SIGN in June. There is work, new ventures, and financial returns. With most of the Planets retrograde, progress is something for few. You search for new links in other places. Get ready to travel in the first 2 weeks. It is not leisure time. It’s a time for professional travel. Encourage your networking, branding business lunch. Stay active and put the spotlight on you. Love at its best after the 12th. Health is unstable by an excess of activities. Select your priorities.
Much will be modified in June. A new job may happen. The fruits of this change will be picked next month. Knowing this, prepare your financial savings. Must make money for 45 days. It is exhausting to think so, but this alert avoids unnecessary spending in June. Include philanthropic activities. The Universe responds very well when you engage in the activities related to the group. When the retrograde Planets press, the tendency is to turn to the Self. That is where Libra makes the biggest mistake. Good health and stable love. Try to relax.
Organize finances. Money flows only after the 21st. Until then, little professional expansion. June asks for, until the 21st, cleaning, and detoxification. Get rid of what no longer serves. Empty cupboards, drawers and donate. Make room for a thriving cycle, which begins at the end of the month and continues strong in July. Reinforce self-esteem with good thoughts about yourself and the Universe. Love is stable. Your health reflects the state of your mind. Until the 21st, little energy. After that, a life that is renewed. Activate your faith and deepen your studies.
Retrograde Saturn complicates your financial health. Knowing that, organize yourself. There is a possibility of gain, but everything is difficult. Consider some payment delays. The biggest challenge now is the loss of freedom from previous months. You were in charge of everything. Now you have to stop and listen to the others. You obey more than you order. If you can handle it, perfect! If you want to maintain the Sagittarian dynamism, you will face other signs that are in charge. Stable love. Health is weakened by stress. Work your mind.
Accelerated movement at work. You make good profits on what you do. There is an opportunity to change jobs. Be aware of the possibilities that arise in social events. You can be at a wedding party and find someone important to your networking. Social ties open the right doors for more success. Love goes through an excellent phase. You can even schedule your wedding. Your health is weakened. The excessive activity begins to weigh on you. The moments of rest are fundamental.
The best decision would be to go on vacation. You continue with a desire for fun. You are attracted to people who explore the playful side of planet Earth. With that feeling, it will only work if you work with fun and games. If you are in a job that requires concentration and routine, you will have to work hard to keep your mind focused. Profits are lower in June. There is no activation for work. Love in a good phase and attraction too eccentric people. Excellent health. Think before you give up your achievements. This phase will pass.
You are looking for news in all sectors of life. At work, no boredom. Something will be transformed by you. It is not a very strong month for professional achievement, but you insist on finding challenging paths. Money circulates in a balanced way. Your family asks for attention. Another month dedicated to relatives. June asks for leisure or an escape close to nature. Go to a river, sea or lake. Health asks for this rest. Love goes through a good time. Have fun and observe some miracles at the end of the month.

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