Versace – The New Way of Communicating Collections

In the Fall/Winter 21 collection, Versace focused on the connection with the current digital era. Donatella Versace explained: “I have realized that this is the future, the new way of communicating collections. Models are like actors, they bring the designs to life, just like when a performer portrays a character. During the filming of this show, I saw how important it is to give the models time to ‘feel’ the clothes they wear on the runway. Despite living in a digital era of immediacy, taking this time is crucial to form a genuine connection. This is what the present and future look like to me.”

The scene design gives a very iconic and unique impact, which is based on a 3D maze that feels like you can just step right into it. Alongside the collection’s general silhouette and sharp details, Versace expressed a strong sense of power and self-confidence. The entire feeling of this show offers us more than just something visual, but also a sense of humour and rebellious character. Through this show, the communication between fashion and space indicates a symbol of celebration and freedom, very impressive and ambitious.

Image Credit: Versace

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