Undress your mind: MARNI 2020 Prefall collection is a homage to time

Creative director Francesco Risso looks to the 1950’s beat generation and merges it with the evocative 1920s. Marni unveiled it’s pre-fall collection with the conceptual focus of undressing your mind. The collection has bee released without a show due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

The Marni collection, is an indelible exploration of styles and eras, with the conceptual focus of reconstruction and deconstruction at the forefront. Themes are interwoven throughout the collection, the past intertwines with the present while minimalism meets maximalism and the existentialism of the beats mixes with decadence of the 20s, creating hybrid forms. With a mixture of menswear and womenswear, the collection also merges the masculine and the feminine. The collection studies clashes and the elastic notion of time mixing together the two distinctly distant eras. 

The influence of time on the collection is shown through marks on the pieces – colours are combined in unexpected moments, indicating the reversal of night and day. Contrasts are made through the combination of different styles, raincoats over pyjamas juxtaposing styles from inside and outside. The juxtapositions linger in the mixture of materials from leather and shearling to felt and satin. 

Risso merges clashes throughout the collection and the result is unique and pure MARNI. The collection transcends ideas about pure aesthetics and essentialism, ideas which are central to the fashion industry today. 

Here are our favourite looks: 

Image credit: MARNI

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