Tom Ford Fall 21 Ready-To-Wear Collection

Inspired by the comfort of cocoon-sized coats and the soothing texture of velvet, Tom Ford’s AW21 Womenswear collection reveals an optimistic view into the transition going back out into the world, fully dressed again. After spending over a year in a state of caution and suspension, Ford’s intent for his newest collection was to embody vitality, strength, and power as the world begins to step back into the rhythm of life post-pandemic. The slight deconstruction of traditionally luxurious pieces intends to reflect the new era of a more relaxed and casual approach to exude extravagance. However, staying true to his minimalistic nature, the designs continue to maintain Ford’s sleek aesthetic.

This recent collection invites bold and colorful elements to act as the wink of confidence the world needs after being stuck inside for the majority of the past year. Ford hints at celebration, redemption, and extravagance, all while including pieces that make staying in just as sexy. The subtle introduction of brighter colors reveals the influence of LA culture in Ford’s designs, a distinct contrast from the colder tones that dominate the London fashion scene. The collection’s flexible duality is one that remains an intentional contradiction. Many of the looks were inspired by an underwear ad Ford saw in his youth, where a woman roams the city wearing nothing but an oversized coat and underwear. From this sentiment, Ford illuminates his short skirt cuts and military and biker details, along with a hint of influence from Edie Sedgwick. Each component harmonizes with one another to create a shout of ferocity and fortitude that mark this season’s collection.

Take a look at the ready to wear collection.

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