The Show Must Go On – A.P.C.

Like many other brands this year, A.P.C. has made the decision to forgo a runway show to debut its FW21 collection. Ironically named “The Show Must Go On”, this is not the eponymous fashion label’s first show cancellation, having had two others earlier in 2020. As fashion houses have learned to adjust to the new era of coronavirus times and pandemic-induced situations, A.P.C. has learned to adapt to the times not only to survive, but to thrive. In the midst of a world that has seemed to lose its vibrance and life, A.P.C. introduces bright colors into its Fall collection to remind us of the radiance that once was, and that is still yet to come. The bold color palettes and striking patterns hint at an underlying playfulness and fun that is once again beginning to emerge above the surface after a year of difficult times. After all, what is there to do but embrace the given circumstances as a chance to continue to learn, flourish, and grow, despite everything? This collection explores the grey spaces between what was once seen as black and white, inviting its collective audience to join in on broadening perspectives and enjoying the hidden pleasures of life. With uncertainty ringing all around, there is no time like the present to step into hope by “doing something” and let the show go on. Take a look at some of the most iconic pieces here:

Image Credit: A.P.C.

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