The ideas are clear – Your stars for April 2019

APRIL, 2019 by ClaudiaVannini
April promises agitation in the Astral and the Earth. Schedule yourself to act at the right times. April 10th – A day of deception. Do not make big financial moves, or sign contracts.
On April 10th, Jupiter becomes retrograde. Everything may be different than what was planned. Obstacles to Justice can paralyze Governments throughout the Planet. Between 17th and 20th of April, Mercury and Venus enter Aries. The ideas are clear. Euphoria in love. April 24th, Pluto becomes retrograde. Do not consider things finished. The past may come back. April 29th, Saturn becomes retrograde. Projects can take longer than planned.
The Moons of the Month:
05th – New Moon
12th – Waxing Moon
19th – Full Moon
26th – Waxing Moon
The great challenge this month is to control rage and the energy of War. People fight and argue. The Planet has specific wars until May 16th. Impulsiveness and imprudence mark the behavior of the Rulers. At that time, the learned people of each country should manifest themselves. Mediation and agreements can prevent political disasters. Anyway, we will live 46 amazing days. Namaste
Get ready for an extremely happy month. Your career shows effective results. You feel you got what you wanted. You get social and financial status. People recognize your ability. This energy gives you security to continue and dive into your career. Money follows this process. Business is well made and profits are unexpected. Love is in the clouds. Venus collaborates and everything flows. Excellent health. Do everything until the 20th. Then only manage things.
You walk the new paths in April. Although you likes material things, you jump into the spiritual world. That’s where things happen. Meditation, prayer and intuition. Flashes of inspiration solve material questions. Work grows by your delicate perception. Love also flows because you are attuned to the Universe. Health is excellent. Rely on your extrasensory perception and let events occur. Manage situations with your firmness and April will be full.
Mars feeds your sign in April. You feel confident and independent. Look for comfortable places and situations. You don’t accept deprivation or discomfort. Things have to happen the way you imagined them. If upset, you may become irritated. Look for alternative therapies to control aggression. The money goes through a slower phase. Love is also stable. There is no desire to venture. Check attendance at events. Everything improves after the 20th. Good health.
You spend all your vital energy on your career. Working is your highest goal. And the results are prosperous. There is financial return and recognition. Participate in the events and socialize at work. Love goes through a good time. The family complains your absence. Unfortunately, the month calls for dedication to work. Talk to your relatives and ask for their understanding. Many things happen in spiritual ways. If you connect with the Universe, everything will be easy. Fragile health until the 20th.
A wonderful month. Great development in professional life. The projects are carried out with ease and the financial return is guaranteed. Get ready for a lot of activity. Aside from professional life on the rise, you shine. People value your presence and recognize your ability. That’s all Leo likes. Spotlights and applause for the work done. Participate in events and generate prosperity for those around you. Excellent love. Excellent health.
Moment of personal and financial recognition. You succeed. Everyone realizes how important your presence is for the progress of business. There is financial success after the 20th and beneficial partnerships. Friends support your ideas and even invest in your projects. Love takes over your mind. You take the loved one very seriously and seek an official relationship. Do not be surprised if everything happens quickly in this sector of your life. Participate in all events. Good health.
News in the professional life. There is opportunity for a new job. Venus benefits the career and you should embrace whatever comes. In the future you will see how positive it was. Your greatest interest is love. Dedicating yourself to the themes of the heart takes time and you ask for attention and dedication. If your partner is in the same energy, great. Health calls for care. Open your eyes and see the opportunities that exist in other regions. |Bring foreigners into your company.
Take a deep breath! Chaotic professional life. Get ready for anything. From great news to big problems. Mars complicates your April. Even with delays, the money comes. The love life also promises eccentric moments. There is impulsiveness and courage to embark on an adventure. Neptune can put you in a completely crazy Love. Watch for signs. Attend all business events, make yourself seen. Stable health.
April challenges your confidence in the Universe. There are prosperous and stagnant times. You go from one end to the other. After the 10th, your projects catch on. Knowing this, act more determined in the first week. Professional instability is part of the month. Get organized and trust. The money comes in the last week of the month. There’s lots of fun after the 20th. Love loses importance. You want to be happy and have fun. Health calls for attention. Replenish vital energy with family.
Professional life goes through news. You walk slowly in early April, but during the month you make big decisions. It may be a new job or the choice of another vocation. Good times after the 21st. Home is the right place for you to strengthen your thoughts. Spend a few minutes daily to plan for the future. Imagine the scenarios you want. After the 20th, guaranteed fun with Venus in Aries. Health depends on emotions. Love is happy.
April asks for redoubled attention. Your professional life goes through instability. Improve your performance on the workplace and strengthen networking. Your mind is agitated. This is a good time to study a topic that challenges you. Health also requires special care. Nothing serious, but the tension in the career spends your energy. Look for alternative therapies to relax and sleep well. The good news is in the love life. Singles and Married couples live full moments.
Good moments in the professional life. April promises financial return for activities developed in home office or just at Home. The family is part of the projects and you spend a lot of time with the relatives. It is a month with a financial return. Enjoy to do works in the house. Your health is stable. Love happens through work. Open your eyes in the professional environment. Mercury in Aries gives mental agility and increases your perception. Take this moment to understand subtleties

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