Soak up the sun with Paco Rabanne’s spring/summer 2022 collection

It seems as if with each passing day, a new collection comes our way. Resort, spring/summer, fall/winter, fall/winter couture… Multiple seasons are being released at once, sometimes even segmented inside of the same collection, and I wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling overwhelmed or confused about what is being offered to the wider audience and when. Paco Rabanne decided to instead, go in the opposite direction for their spring/summer 2022 presentation, and take a firm and focused stance by presenting a collection that truly captured the cultural and societal zeitgeist.

Julian Dossena found great inspiration in the works of Victor Vasarely, a founding father of the Op Art movement whose career trajectory saw parallel rise to the one of Paco Rabanne around the same time, the 60s and 70s. This point of reference seemed particularly pertinent, seeing the absolutely stunning geometric constructions that the designer has been showing for several seasons already. The easygoing, bohemian spirit which permeated the entirety of the collection, helped loosen up the otherwise rigid geometric shapes and provided an interesting duality that sits at the core of the presentation.

Image credits: Paco Rabanne

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