Saint Laurent – In the Balance Between Right and Wrong

Anthony Vaccarello’s Winter 2021 collection is based on the concept of standing against the hostile nature ground, it shows a remarkable transition of shaking up Saint Laurent’s bourgeois codes, searching to find a balance.

The scene of photoshoots is in a dark mode, the colour palette of the design clashes against the black scene. This is a great visual combination of the imagined world and this season’s style, which is smart, fancy yet simple.

According to the fashion industry, the public tends to clarify the difference between luxury and ordinary, one of the stereotypical impressions is that the retail values of both categories show in completely different levels. On the other hand, they also believe the design may show “the cheesy ones” and “the advanced ones”. The interesting concept that this season’s Saint Laurent revealed is – to blur the line between cheesy and luxurious.

This remarkable series presented an irrepressible lightness of mocking its serious ambitions, and attempted to reverse preconceptions and stereotypes – which is open-minded and experimental. It is a discourse of past and future, right and wrong, through the medium of fashion.

This is the link of the vedio:

Here are some pictures of highlights:

Image Credit: Saint Laurent

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