Ready for a change? – Your stars for September 2019

September, 2019 by ClaudiaVannini
Ready for a change of direction? That’s what Venus promises for September. Between the 14th and 15th, some theme will be transformed in your life. It can be a new job, a change of city or a new relationship. These changes are always positive, conducive to your evolution on Earth. We have only 3 retrograde planets. This brings more energy and easier paths on Earth. A much better scenario than the previous months.
SATURN returns to it’s DIRECT movement. Business, projects and ventures are back on track. You get feedback from your partners and can sign contracts. Everything that has been slow moves. Along with this progress, the demands return. If you have debt, the collectors will appear. If you have personal debts, you have to define the limits yourself. That which has stood still or was confused takes new shape. It is good for our planet. Inflation may reappear. The money circulates in larger amount through the Planet. The Presidents hold hands and seal deals. The Amazon stops burning. Saturn is excellent for those who are right. He is terrible for those who are pending with the law or with taxes. Saturn is the Lord of Time. He’s fair! It presents with prosperity those who fulfill their duties and respect the rights of others. It is cruel to those who steal, kill, deforest, deceive, mock or play with life. Direct Saturn takes away what was given and misused. It also takes the life of those who had a second chance and didn’t use it correctly. If you are an honest person, you will have a happy cycle. Count on Saturn to set your life goals from now until May 10th, 2020. Saturn likes well-designed plans with responsibility and commitment.
Let’s set up the monthly schedule? Happy month to everyone!
03rd – Good morning to communicate something new
06th – Waxing Moon in Sagittarius – Buy a trip
06th – Good morning to sign contracts or get married
07th – Day of affective breakups
09th – Day to transform an idea or concept
13th – Special day for Sales and Promotions
14th – Full Moon in Pisces – Manage Emotions
18th – Saturn returns to it’s direct movement
21st – Waning Moon in Gemini – Don’t Invest In Advertising
24th – Special day for Sales and Promotions
28th – New Moon in Libra – Magical Day for Sales
28th – Special Travel Purchase Set
September promises a lot of social activity. Groups have greater power over you. Listen to others and accept the opinion of the group. Form partnerships. There is so much love available to you. In the middle of the month, the climate is good for a date. The work is very busy and you can do everything. Your health becomes fragile at the end of the month. Save energy for the last week. Take care of the intestines and kidneys.
Too much love this month. There is money out there and good job opportunities. Positive speculation results by the 23rd. Make a bigger effort during the middle of the month and earn money for the rest of the period. Try to get some rest and live the good things of the Planet Earth. You are in a happy month and it echoes in every area of your life. Excellent health.
A fresh look at your life. You solve many past problems. The last 3 days of the month are great for business and speculation. There are good financial opportunities, but you are more connected with personal themes. The family still asks for your attention. Try to have a clear dialogue with relatives. Love on the rise in the last week. Until then, redouble your patience with your partner. Unstable health.
The month is happy. You connect with family members. There are imbalances in your home in the middle of the month. Be open to solving problems. There isn’t much strength in professional life during September. New studies are welcome. Enjoy good communication and make money from your thoughts. Watch out for insights while sleeping. Complicated love at the end of the month. Fragile health.
September brings prosperity and good speculation. Do everything until the middle of the month. There is not as much work as before. At the end of the month, difficulties with the work in a group. Be flexible. In fact, a new way of working may emerge mid-month. Invest in studies and networking. Spread your knowledge and shine by sharing what you know. Love is on the rise and health is great.
Good money opportunities in the middle of the month. Venus moves the finances and brings chances in speculation. You get a boost from the bosses or the most powerful people in your life. The last week of September is the best time of year to increase your bank account. Stay tuned for this period. Love goes through difficulties. You don’t feel so open to sharing the space. Great health.
There are some financial opportunities until the 23rd. Speculate and do business in the middle of the month. Prepare for a late cash inflow. There is not so much work, so you already know that you have to work harder to maintain the same standard of living. Feed your faith because you are weak in this sector. Hear the signs during sleep. Love calls for spiritual connection. Meditate together. Health is balanced.
You are empowered and ready for life changes. You can change your career or job. Networking helps you find new work. Money happens, but you have to work harder to get it. The excellent part of the month is love. You are looking for a great partnership in this sector. Try a spiritual tune with your partner so that everything goes well. Meditate together. Excellent health.
A new job opportunity. There is financial prosperity until the 23rd. Do it all before that date. You feel the support of Mars in your working life. It’s like being in a war inside the office. Fight with ethics. You feel very good. September brings many opportunities. Select what is feasible. Eliminate what you can’t do. Study. Weakened health with bowel in crisis.
Prosperity at a great time. You speculate and win. A new job may emerge. Work hard until mid-month. This is the best time for you. Spend more time managing your money. Avoid spending on superfluous. Earn and manage. Study the themes you love. There are travels for you. Love goes through a neutral phase. Poor health in the last week, take care of the kidneys.
September calls for the elimination of some themes. Cut out what is not useful. Clean your house, pay off debts and taxes. Clean the office and remove old papers. Professional life gets harder in the second half of the month. There is not so much money and you have to work hard to maintain yourself. Even so, you feel powerful. The love is excellent. Strengthen your faith and study new concepts. Great health.
Good opportunities for partnerships and shared work. September has the right scenario for a wedding or entry into a company. Your professional life gains strength at the end of the month. Until then, work hard. Flex personal opinions and invest in networking. There is a lot of love this month. Health improves at the end of the month. Take care of the intestines and kidneys.

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