Power and Renewal – Your stars for December 2018

December, 2018 by ClaudiaVannini

A quiet month! December arrives with the blessing of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Optimism and trust reign in the hearts.

Let’s organize our calendar?

– 06th, Mercury ends its retrograde phase. Great! Effective and liberated communication.
– 07th, the New Moon opens the doors to all the Signs. Keep your goals active and this
Moon in Sagittarius will do what it takes.
– 09th, Kiron also returns to its direct movement. Cures are active!
– 12th, Mercury enters Sagittarius and benefits studies, travel and cultural and      commercial exchange between countries.
– 15th, Crescent Moon in Pisces. The parties of fraternization will be crowded. The 15th, 16th and 17th days are good for gathering friends.
– 22nd,  the Full Moon arrives in a complex way. In Cancer, it asks for resolutions in the Home and in the family.
– 24th and 25th, Santa Claus comes to protect us. Christmas night and lunch on the 25th are with the Moon in Leo. Good astral!
– 29th, to close the Annual Cycle, a waning moon in Libra. Perfect for auditing the year with the necessary balance.
– 31st e 01st – according to each country – Mars enters Aries. It’s an energy recharge for an animated New Year’s Eve.
– 31st e 01st, we celebrate the end of Year and the arrival of 2019 with Moon in Scorpio.
If you make a resolution, the Moon agrees. Transmutation, power and renewal.

We appreciate your company during this year. Life on Earth is sweeter as a group. See you soon for the 2019 forecast! Congratulations to all!                                                        -ClaudiaVannini-

Strong movement in the career. Get ready for a month with new opportunities and even a new job. The Sun moves this sector and there is much to be done. You actively participate in decisions at work and achieve good financial returns. The month is not of abundance, but the resources arrive in the necessary extent. Everything you do now has a positive return in 2019. So commit yourself to the projects and expect the growth of finances next year. Settle your debts and pay all taxes. There are fun times in December with co-workers. Everything revolves around the profession. Home does not ask too much of you. Friends are very active.
Good health / Excellent love


You are the most popular in December. Venus and Mercury give an impulse to social life. People request your presence in various places. Be there, participate and mark your presence. Finance is going through a good time. All your strength should be used until the 13th, the period of greatest abundance. Investors and speculators are in for some euphoria in December. They make money for themselves and attract more capital. The month is marked by hard work. Only in the last week, there is a stimulus for travel. This desire to know other lands also includes study and Spirituality. You can travel, rest and study a foreign language or theme.
Excellent health / Excellent love


Some changes in your routine. Mercury and Gemini move everyday life with new activities or better management of the agenda. You’ll be able to dodge time, your biggest enemy in December. Great help comes from technology. Get involved with your computer and smartphone features. Make use of social media and be in multiple locations at the same time. Finance is having a good time, but you can not settle. Continue as if you were in a war. Every day is a day to make money. This should be your perspective for collaborating with Mars. Some bold actions at work can yield startling profits.
Unstable health / Stable love


Get ready to make social connections. Your networking is key in December. There are opportunities at parties, gatherings between friends, and moments of fun. While having fun, you get an important partnership for next year. Your professional image has solidified in 2018 and now it’s time to turn that into money. Open yourself to a new society and accept challenges. It does not matter if you go by car, bus or plane, but you will reach new locations. Traveling to work is part of the cosmic project. Finance is balanced, but there is no abundance. And it is not necessary because December is full of work. Work with fun. Stable Health / Stable Love


Money circulates with abundance. December brings sudden opportunities. Money comes from where you least expect it. The family is still calling for your presence, but that decreases in the second fortnight. There is luck in risky investments and financial speculation. There are also very fun times with family friends and children. Your optimism is at its peak. That’s great, but you can blow your budget with the hype you commit. Make your spending spreadsheet and carefully assess how much you spend on leisure. The waste of the month of December occurs in this sector. You feel accomplished and still feel the creativity quite free.
Excellent health / Excellent love


December is a time of recollection. It may be difficult to enjoy silence at such a busy time, but you need this rest. Life is still outside, but deep inside its night. Time to think, meditate, and rearrange emotions. The family does not need you anymore, at least until 2019. Use it to mentally plan what you want. Benefits come through fraternal brothers, childhood friends and siblings. They may try to shake your month but ideally, you will do this mental work. The finances are balanced. Your communication is beneficial and may be the right time to expand marketing and advertising. Social media collaborates to increase earnings.
Excellent health / Unstable love


Your month is divided into two parts. Until the 13th, move to earn money. Act as if the month only had those 13 days. After that, focus on thinking. The ideas that follow are critical to next year’s planning. News come and open interesting perspectives on work and personal life. You can receive an invitation for a trip or a job interview. After your trip to the place, other doors will open and nothing will be as before. It is a subjective mental process. You do not always realize how things are transformed, but if you are attentive you will not be carried by the flock.
Unstable health / Stable love


All is well, but it is time to rest. Keeping balance in the Home has to be your goal. Professional life will have another positive moment after May 2019. Until then, regain your strength and gather friends and family at home. December is a happy month for you. Money comes in and out. You are not able to economize. Your greatest pleasure is to give presents at the end of Year celebrations. Venus leaves you loving and fraternal. This also applies to the affective life. Love overflows. Your vital energy is recovered and you connect with the Universe. Nothing is more important now than to celebrate life, full health and the struggles you’ve conquered in 2018. You fought like a warrior. You deserve peace.
Excellent health / Excellent love


Mercury stirs up your professional life. You have a lot of work ahead of you and you can handle the busy schedule. You feel in charge of your own life. This is wonderful, especially if you’ve been watching your choices carefully. Little happens because of others. You are the result of your actions and, in December, you reap the results of this process. The social group follows your evolution and highlights your merits. This can inflate what was already inflated by Jupiter. Control the excesses and enjoy the earned status. There are good opportunities for you in contact with foreigners or another country. Immerse yourself in this theme.
Excellent health / Excellent love


December marks a period of independence. You will be more concerned about your desires and goals. It may seem a selfish attitude, but the movement of the Planets stimulates thinking in itself. Among the new habits of December is the special care with the body, the renovation of the wardrobe and a special treat you give yourself. Some Capricorns can gift themselves with a bracelet. Others with a yacht. Does not matter! The feeling will be the same. Finance goes through balance, without abundance. You do not go beyond the limits in this sector, so everything is fine. There is no special request from the children, but the elderly may want you nearby.
Unstable Heart / Unstable Love


Support from family and friends. That’s the theme in December. Everything you do in that period has the participation of these people. Know that, involve them in the projects. Ask for a financing from them or investment of time. The work done in group works better. Colleagues also act on your routine. They move your agenda with events and parties. Even if you want quiet moments, you will find yourself at parties. There is financial return in December, but not too much. Mars collaborates to generate the necessary money, but it seems like a war raising resources. Every day is a day of vigilance in this territory. Excellent health / Stable love


Prepare some new outfits to attend all the holiday parties. Social life drives the bonds that open doors to career advancement. You have planetary benefits to grow in your profession. Convey trust to others. Any work seems easy and possible. This makes you very useful to everyone who works with you. Another highlight is the link with culture. You seek people with a high intellectual level. Learning is part of that moment. Whether it is close to home or on an international trip, you will broaden your horizons. A very positive period with a chance for profits, high self-confidence and fun.
Unstable health / Excellent love


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