Old habits die hard – Louis Vuitton Men’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection

Tradition: customs or codes passed on from one generation to another, interpreted and invigorated in accordance with time.
“Old habits die hard”
Through his investigation of the male wardrobe at Louis Vuitton, for Pre-Fall 2020 Men’s Artistic Director Virgil Abloh arrives at the chapter of tradition. A term inseparably tied to tailoring, it sets the premise for a collection rooted in the classic codes of menswear. Following the arc of boyhood – a motif in previous collections – the narrative reaches a stage of early adulthood when conventional corporate dress codes begin to challenge the evolving experimental wardrobe. Confronted with values from the sports and contemporary territories, the meeting is a generational reaction expressed – by nature of the ethos of pre collections – in the traditional garments and accessories most essential to everyday dressing.
Here are our favourite looks:
Credit: Louis Vuitton

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