Through the lens of Guen Fiore, we see a candid and almost intimate celebration of the iconic matelassé leather, used by MiuMiu in some of its signature design bags and small leather goods. Through a series of still-life images, our focus is gently drawn towards each item, with the use of a minimal empty background, that helps the viewer be part of this iconic savoir-faire and truly be able to analyze and appreciate the peculiarity that is enclosed in each bag.

The campaign pays homage to a very special and intricate labour, that entails pairing panels of napa leather with wadding and elastic cloth to achieve a stretch. This procedure seems to perfectly contrast the elegance and natural beauty of each item produced and confers to the outcome an even more special value.

First presented to the public during the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2006 runway show, matelassé leather has quickly become a staple to the brand’s identity, so much so that we are able to recognize the brand through this design without the need for any logo.
The brand is now adapting to a new reality, by using a different approach through its visual communication, trying to create an intimate space between the consumer and the product, in a space where everything can quickly become chaotic and fast-paced.

Image credit: Miu Miu

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