Miu Miu Famous Cats

Famously labeled as the playful “little sister” to luxury giant Prada, Miu Miu has announced the release of its newest collection: Miu Miu Famous Cats. The collection consists of five t-shirts, all bearing the image of distinctive felines with varying personalities and storylines. The collection draws upon influences from space, extra-terrestrial life, and action-based themes that showcase the cats living on the USCSS Nostromo and others in spaceships and sailboats. Each piece offers an exciting adventure and expedition unique to each cat, presenting character traits like courage, cowardice, altruism, and even the ability to be free-spirited.

The collection is set to launch this month, March 2021, and will include contextual information that paints a picture for each cat in their respective stories. In each of these fictional animal characters, we are humorously and yet affectionately able to see pieces of ourselves that we may identify with.

Image Credit: Miu Miu

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