Prada opens to new possibilities with her latest Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

Italian fashion house Prada presented its latest collection during this past Milan Fashion Week 2021. For the second time, we see the vision of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons combining towards a very specific goal.

The new Fall/Winter 2021 Collection, Possible Feeling II: Transmute, focuses on innovation: masculine and feminine, comfort and elegance, grace and protection. The concept rotates around the idea of change and desire and proposes some familiar designs that we have previously seen in the menswear catwalk: for example the knit jumpsuit that emphasizes physicality and invites freedom of movement.

The structure of the collection appears stratified: it starts from the long johns that perfectly hug the body, art nouveau motifs, and stratifies to the sound of transmutations:

coats are enlarged and are equipped with large buttons and a double knit collar, nylon bombers are cocoon, stoles are magnified to become a magical wrap (symbolizing a hug through fashion).

There is in this dynamic union Prada/Simons an unspoken connection that comes to life, precisely in this collection, that fits in the path of menswear and that fully explains, even to the most skeptical, the genesis of this co-direction. That is the will of Prada, in the sense of brand and the sense of Miuccia, to «open to new possibilities» which has been a running theme this past season reflecting the difficult times we are going through.

Credits: Courtesy of Prada

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