Jil Sander – The Possibilities of Our Many Selves

This is a fearless world, it is undergoing too much transformation and significant development of individuality and freedom. In the Fall/Winter 2021 collection of Jil Sander, Lucie and Luke Meier are trying to express a sense of self-reflection under the current society.

Jil Sander suggests sensations of being multiple for needs, desire and pleasures, this collection is an ode to empowering ourselves. The palette is light, natural and subtle, we can see the main colours of cream, pastel and powder, and surprisingly, mixing with a hint of black and white. The contrast between the clean-cut shapes and buttery colours shows a strong visual impact.

Lucie and Luke Meier made the collection with a sense of playfulness, but at the same time, they believe touch is as essential as sight, thus, a big effort of craftsmanship and material selection were put in this collection. As a classic German fashion brand, the silhouette of design has a slight hint of Bauhaus geometric, which were reflected from knitting and shaping, etc. The general look is powerful, neat but still elegant, Jil Sander managed to combine two extremely different sensibilities and styles, and found a perfect balance between, it’s an uplifting attempt.

Image Credit: Jil Sander

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